I am going to get around to answering the next set of questions this weekend! We’ve been a house full of sickness and whining for a week and there’s been DRAMA on top of it. I have three blog posts half written but not finished because I keep going back and forth on do I even care or want to bother… but I probably will.

One of them I have had to drastically scale back because it’s dog park drama and when I think or write about it my heart gets pumping and I have to keep deleting the work ‘fuck’ so, yeah.

Also, I am SO THE PARENT OF A TWEEN. You think a two year old is time consuming? YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Cherish those adorable chubby cheeks and sweet little silly temper tantrums because they turn into BOYFRIENDS and BOOBS.

You don’t even know.

Anyway, yes I’m alive and posts are forthcoming. For now bed is forthcoming.

Over and out.

5 thoughts on “QUICKLY

  1. After having Dustin, I look forward to my own kids and the “terrible two’s”. Because it seriously can’t even compare to being a teenager.

  2. I feel for you, my sisters are going through that stage, boys and boobs driving my dad crazy not to mention the 13 year old looks like she is in her mid twenties..

  3. As soon as she turns 9, Claire is going to a convent. I literally cried the night my mom told me little girls turn out like their mothers. I hope I handle it all as well as my mom did.

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