Friday Five: “Second star to the right, and straight on ’till morning.”

I kinda miss doing the Friday Five so I think I’ll start again. As usual it’s three days late and not the one actually from this week but I’ve never been one to comply CORRECTLY. HA!

1) What time do you usually wake up on weekdays?
Every day is pretty much the same except that some days the snooze button gets the best of me but this morning was a typical morning and looked like this:

4:15AM – Alarm goes off.
4:23AM – Turn off alarm before it goes off again.
4:30AM – Get out of bed
4:50AM – Get out of shower.
5:00/5:10AM – Leave house.
5:50/6:00AM – Get to work
9:00AM – Officially wake up for the day.

2) What about weekends?
Ben and I rotate having to get up with the dogs. If it’s my turn, they’ll let us sleep till about 9:00AM MOST DAYS before totally dying of hunger and driving us insane. This weekend they were feeling particularly feisty and had me up by 7:00AM both days. If Ben gets up with them, I’ve been known to sleep till 11:00AM at which point Cassidy starts making noise outside my room till I get up.

3) What do you eat for breakfast?
SHAKEOLOGY! When I have it. I’m ordering more Chocolate today with my credit I got from sending my Greenberry back. I would go into the entire OMG SHAKEOLOGY RULEZ speech here but you can just read all about it on my health blog. But seriously, OMG SHAKEOLOGY RULEZ! My recipe is this:

1 cup plain light Silk Soy Milk
1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
1 TBSP natural peanut butter
7 cubes of ice

I drink it on the way to work then wash out my cup when I get there. SOMETIMES I’ll wait till I get to work to drink it but I usually can’t wait that long because it’s too good to wait.

On days I don’t have the shake, I’ll grab a banana on the way out the door, or bring some bread with me to toast and I keep peanut butter and sugar free jam here at work.

4) Do you take a shower at night or in the morning?
At night when I exercise then again in the morning depending on how insane my hair looks when I get up. I’m bad about falling asleep with a towel still in my hair and then the next day it’s LIKE WHOAH!

5) How long does it take you to get ready?
See #1. I get out of the shower then leave the house 10 minutes later. When I get to work I’ll put on minimal makeup, usually it’s MAC Studio Fix powder for foundation, NARS blush in Orgasm and then whatever mascara I love at the time. It takes about 2-3 minutes tops. Also, I use the heater in the car to dry my hair in the winter, then roll the windows down in the summer. I know that sounds crazy but if I did all that at home, makeup and blowdry would add another 30-45 minutes to my morning and I already get up early enough. Stupid thick hair…

If I’m getting ready go out and actually look nice (full makeup and making my hair look nice), it’s about a hour from getting out of the shower to out the door.

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: “Second star to the right, and straight on ’till morning.”

  1. Oh my goodness I can’t believe how early you get up! I thought 6am was bad! I love that last line how you really wake up at 9am. It made me giggle.

    Friday Fives are super fun. I always learn a lot.

  2. I do get up early but the worst part is that I don’t get to bed till around 11:00PM every night… if not later.

    By the weekend, I am SO READY to sleep in.

  3. Why do you wake up so early?! It hurts me just reading that. I can barely get myself to crawl from beneath the covers at 7 am.

  4. I have to commute 50 miles to work ONE WAY. So 100 miles round trip a day. Traffic during normal commute hours here in the Bay Area would put that commute around an hour and a half each way so I get to work at 6:00AM and then leave at 2:30PM when the carpool lane is still open to single passenger vehicles. Going in earlier makes the commute 45 minutes instead, meaning I spend half the time in the car. Another great benefit is that if Cassidy has anything planned after school, I’m available for that and I can get other stuff done around town before the 5:00PM rush.

    It was REALLY ROUGH for the first year, but I’ve been doing it for over five years now so my body is pretty used to it.

  5. You’ve made me miss Friday Five too! I used to do it over at my Livejournal but I might actually do one on my blog this week.

    You get up waaaay early. What time do you go to bed? I find it hard getting up at 7AM when going to bed at 11PM.

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