Last goodbye.

We had to run by the car grave yard today to grab two cables that go to the head unit (iPod and USB cable) so that we can sell it. I really didn’t think I’d get to see it again. It didn’t effect me QUITE as bad as last time. I think the wheels help. It’s just not the same without my wheels on it.

Last goodbye.

Tomorrow it’s officially GONE. Going up for auction. For the first week after the wreck, every time I saw an M3 I felt like I had just been punched in the face and had to fight back tears. That car just FIT ME. It felt like a second home. I know this sounds extraordinarily pretentious and stupid but until you’ve owned a BMW I just don’t think people get it. I literally felt like I was part of that car when I was driving it. We were one. With the suspension so stiff you could feel every groove and bump in the road, the intake making it so easy to hear the throttle response and the exhaust amplifying the motor noise, it was hard NOT to be one with the car.

Slalom Cone 1

But now I’m okay. Today on the way home I saw an kid in a red E36 M3 spot a bit of open road and mash the throttle just enough to hear all those sounds, and feel that feeling and I just grinned a knowing grin and giggled to myself.


That car will always be my favorite. I really think that. No matter how many cars I own in my life, that car was my first REAL love affair with a vehicle. And I know in my heart that I’ll own another M3 someday and I’ll love it and drive the hell out of it… but a little piece if my heart will always belong to ANNAS M. And just in case it ever starts to forget, I stole the front plate as a reminder.

I stole my license plate today.

4 thoughts on “Last goodbye.

  1. I totally have the plates of my first car – a 1990 red Dodge Colt, a piece of crap, but I freaking loved it. A hand-me-down from my grandpa.

    There’s something comforting, even now, about remembering your favorite car.

  2. Aww, Anna.. I’m glad you had so much fun with the car. I feel that way about my Dad’s TTA… it is the car you fell in love with, and it will always have that place in your heart!

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