Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets.

So, I’ve needed new jeans for about a month and a half. I’ve been rotating between THREE PAIR and trying to dress them up in different ways to not make it looks like I only had THREE PAIR and I was quickly beginning to think that the people at work assume I live out of the trunk of my car. Or a cardboard box. Either way.

The problem is that, we really don’t have the money for me to go and buy new jeans right now, especially since (HOPEFULLY) in another two months when I’m done with P90X, I’ll need MORE jeans. Then today I remembered a friend mentioning The Goodwill the other day and was like DUH! I’ve gotten jeans there before because, HELLO CHEAP! I totally rock The Goodwill jeans.

ANYWAY! I’ve been telling myself for at least a week now that I have a LOT OF JEANS, I just need to go through and try them on and for sure before I go and BUY anymore. But… there was a big part of me that KNEW I’d be disappointed at all the pairs I couldn’t fit into yet so I’ve been making excuses EVERY DAY.

Then today, when I got out of a bath after a pretty intense Plymometrics workout, I looked over at my THREE PAIR of jeans laying on the floor and went to pick them up to put them in the wash and was like FUCK THIS, I’M TIRED OF THESE JEANS. So I started pulling out pairs of jeans and tried EVERY SINGLE PAIR ON. Here is how it went.

26 pair.

8 pair – still too small
6 pair – FIT! But have holes or are inappropriate for work, but will make GREAT weekend/yard working jeans
3 pair – entirely too big



So when Ben called to me for some reason I came bounding out of the room:

Ben: Yes, I am listening to you.
Me: So, I was totally going to go shopping for new jeans but told myself I HAD to try all my jeans on BEFORE I went so I did and GUESS WHAT?!
Ben: You have jeans that fit?
Ben: You have 26 PAIRS OF JEANS?!
Me: Shit.
Me: I’ll be down to watch Lost in a second! I LOVE YOU OKAY BYE!

Cardinal Rule of Wifehood: Never admit to the number of shoes, purses, eye shadows or jeans you own. The poor men just can’t handle it.

Seriously though, after he got past the initial shock, he congratulated me and told me how proud he was and really, I am so proud of MYSELF. Even though I’ve been doing P90X for two 15 days now, until today I hadn’t lost any weight. I know I’ve gained muscle because I can see it, so I know I’ve lost fat because I’m not GAINING weight but actual pounds had not come off yet. Then yesterday I mentioned it on my P90X blog and this morning, BAM!

THE POUND. The pound I’ve been waiting to see for two weeks so I can finally officially say: I have lost 40 pounds.

I feel SO GOOD. I feel STRONG. I feel FIT. I feel like my lungs are bigger, my heart is stronger and my endurance is sky high.

I owe huge, gigantic, TOTALLY BIG thank you’s to two very important people:

Ben. Who has supported and encouraged me every single step of the way. He has been tough on me when I needed it and sensitive when I really needed a break. There is no way that I could have done this without the constant support and encouragement from my husband. And I know how hard it is for him to sit there and WATCH but not be able to DO since he’s pretty much stuck on the couch till his back surgery on the 15th of this month. To be able to stay upbeat and positive and supportive while he’s been down is a BIG DEAL to me. Thank you, honey.


Julie. Who’s own transformation is just… AMAZING. I’ve known Julie for a LONG time. I got to hold her 1st baby the day he was born, I was there to watch her walk down the isle, and even though I’m a hippy liberal SHE STILL LIKES ME! What she’s given to me in a healthy body, mind and spirit is more than I ever expected. She makes me laugh pretty much every day and keeps me motivated to PUSH PLAY and BRING IT! Thank you, Julie!

11 thoughts on “Women usually love what they buy, yet hate two-thirds of what is in their closets.

  1. I can’t believe you have that many jeans in your wardrobe to begin with! I have TWO. And that’s it! I’m so pleased you found some that fit though. You’re doing so well and you should be proud of yourself.

  2. That is so awesome Anna. I know you’ve been working your butt off. I may have to look into P90x. I own three pairs of jeans and only two fit. 🙁

  3. I probably should have mentioned that some of these jeans are OLD. A few of the pair I’ve had since Ben and I started dating 8 years ago (all the ones that don’t fit yet!) so that’s like buying 3 pair a year or so. I’m not a shoppoholic, I swear! 😉

  4. I only have 2 pair of jeans that I wear/fit and they were bought like 2 mos ago. Way to go on having so many that fit now. You SHOULD be proud.

  5. I am so proud of you Anna! It must be so awesome to fit into clothes like that again and to be able to get rid of big clothes! Keep up the awesome work!!

  6. Uggghhh, I have to go jean shopping. I’m at the horrible postbaby stage where my maternity jeans don’t fit but the 18 or so pairs of prebaby jeans don’t fit either. I just hate the idea of buying clothes I’m pretty sure I’ll only be able to wear for a little while… maybe. I need to start working out.

  7. Yay, Anna!!! I’m so happy for you!! And that is a ridiculous number of jeans — hehehe! But what a great feeling when those jeans we put away for “someday” become today’s jeans. Those other 8 pairs are not too far away.

    I found a bunch of jeans of various sizes but I seriously only actively rotate between two pairs right now.. I need to buy a new pair, the only place I like to buy jeans from anymore is EXPRESS, they always have a pair or two that fit just perfect and they last me a good while.

  8. That is so exciting!!<3 It's like gaining a whole new wardrobe! You inspire me to get back on track. I've been such a slacker in 2010 :\ And Warrior Dash is in less than a month. SHIT :X

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