I know that some of you have been asking me WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU YOU!? And the answer is here: http://health.aflux.net/

I started P90X 11 days ago. The first day I threw up, a few days later I laid in the floor wondered WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING, then yesterday I wanted to punch a wall because this is HARD.

Also, it’s been pretty much the most awesome thing ever. I’m sleeping better, have more energy, I can SEE muscle growing which means fat MUST be disappearing because my weight has stayed the same!

So, no, I’m not abandoning aflux. And yes, I do still have a life outside of working out but time has become a precious commodity and once I have a better balance down I’ll be back here again. I miss blogging and all your comments and ALL OF YOU. Like OHMYGOSH so much.

6 thoughts on “*flex*

  1. That is awesome! I wish I had the discipline to do something like that, especially P90X. I’ve heard it’s no joke, and I assume that’s the truth if it worked you out that hard the first day. 😀

  2. I’m definitely following over there and I started officially today as well thanks to your blogging about it. I’m having a LOT of difficulty doing it because I have a very sedentary life style and this shit is INTENSE (chest and back) and even if I only did 5-6 knee pushups each time I pushed until the time was up. I’m SORE but plyometrics is tomorrow and I’m having a love/hate relationship right now because I’m excited but like omfg what am I DOING?

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  3. When I first started losing weight, I found it hard to fit in anything else other than blogging over at Spark People. Its hard to balance it out.

  4. Keep it up! You have to give yourself YOU time… don’t worry about us. We miss you, but you are motivating us in your absence. 🙂

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