swoon (verb): to be deeply affected by passion for (someone)

Ben informed me tonight of his dislike for the word ‘swoon’. When I asked him to explain he said it’s because other than the fact that the word just sucks, I am not a “swooner”, I don’t swoon.

What?! I SWOON! I think I’m just different than most girls and I don’t like to ANNOUNCE the fact that I’ve just turned into a bucket of emotional goo because I’ve taken great care for a long time not to let people see me weak or emotional. I’ve never wanted to be one of “those” girls.

The other night when I was right in the middle of reading New Moon Ben wanted to go to dinner. I would have gladly skipped dinner to sit and read and pine and hope that Edward would FINALLY make his way back to Bella so I could stop wanting to hate her for leading Jacob on and, SERIOUSLY, FOOD!? I was being difficult, no doubt. I wanted Mexican, he wanted the Irish Pub and finally I agreed and said FINE, LETS JUST GO THE DAMN PUB SO I CAN GET HOME AND CONTINUE BEING AN EMO VAMPIRE WORSHIPER. He asked me if I was sure the pub was okay and I yelled back calmly answered I’LL GO WHEREVER YOU WANT!

When we turned into the parking lot where the Mexican place was I asked him, “What are you doing?” And he just responded, “Going where I want to eat.”


He really didn’t want to go eat there but he did. And the only reason he did it was to make me happy. The car was dark and I looked the other way when the blood hit my cheeks, but trust me, it happened.

Another Example:
This is the conversation that happened tonight. To say I’ve had a few rough days would be a drastic understatement and I can’t tell you how supportive and wonderful Ben has been to me. I’ll explain all this later when I’m not feeling so ‘raw’ but he’s kept my head just above the water and I’ve never loved him more than I do right now.

And I might have taken a bit of advantage of his unwavering support when I asked him this question…

Me: So, will you go see Twilight with me this weekend?
Ben: Sure!
Me: *blink* *blink* What?
Ben: Yes.
Me: …seriously?!
Ben: Yeah.
Me: *stunned*
(a bit more unrelated conversation about Bon-Bons)
Me: So you’ll really go see it with me?
Ben: Yeah, I think could be good, I watched the trailer*.
Me: Did you swoon?
Ben: NO. And I hate that word, every time I hear it I want to throw up.

*I don’t actually believe that he thinks it’s “good”. Or even “not bad” which I think might have been the words he actually used. Either way, Twilight is NOT the kind of movie that he would choose to go to. As a matter of fact, I know, without a doubt, that Ben’s really wanting to see Quantum of Solace.

Ben, you’re choosing to partake in my idiotic 13 year old vampire on mortal love obsession because… I don’t know, I really need you right now? You love me? You know that it just means a lot to me to make a ‘sacrifice’? Because you are scared to let me loose on the general public right now? For whatever reason, I know that it’s not because you are excited to see this movie IN THE LEAST.

And I swooned.

I just turned around and stirred the food on the stove so my back would be to you when I blushed. As much as I love it when you tease me when that happens, when you see my cheeks turn red and you smile and point out to me that it’s not just cold green acid flowing through my veins, I was scared that the sudden adrenaline flow that usually follows would probably be crippling enough for me to fall to the floor and cry for three hours straight.

I do swoon and to prove it to you I’m going to make it a point to be more like those silly girls and when I swoon I’ll find a way to gracefully flaunt it in your face.

I love you.

18 thoughts on “swoon (verb): to be deeply affected by passion for (someone)

  1. Aww man! I need someone to go see it with too. Maybe Peter will take me to go see it on Sunday to make up for ignoring me (and Blueberry) for a month!

    Maybe you should offer him a deal and go see Quantum of Solace with him in return for going to see Twilight.

  2. So so fucking cute. I lover the word swoon. think it describes that feeling you get perfectly. Cheeks flush, a small tingle, it all happens when you know they are doing/saying/speaking something just for you/your benefit.

  3. Hehe, that is adorable. You ought to take it to the next level and swoon southern belle style. Like say softly, “Oh I do declare” and faint away gracefully into his arms like in the movies. I’ve been tempted to try it myself.

  4. Awww, you guys are sweet. *blush*

    He read this this morning and I got an I love you and a virtual kiss. 🙂

    Seeing both movies is something I’ve thought about but we are a bit tight on money right now and I don’t know if getting six movie tickets is a something we should be doing. I had already planned on bringing it up to Ben anyway.

    *hugs you all*

  5. ok you guys are a little sickening. If I weren’t the exact same way with my husband I’d hate you, but I don’t so carry on and keep blogging about it. It’s so freaking cute/sickening!

    Ok so I got like one update in my email from your blog entries and then nothing. I had to come check for this myself and I’m pretty lazy so please, walk me through why I FAIL at technology and can’t get updates sent right to me.

    Messenger pigeons maybe?

  6. Between the talk of love and swooning and TWILIGHT TWILIGHT TWILIGHT I’m kind of swooning right now. 😉

    No, seriously, you guys are too cute.

  7. I wish I had a boyfriend who would go to movies with me and stuff. I’m not sure if I’m single or not (depends what he feels like on that given day!) and he doesn’t do anything!

  8. Oh man, I’m no Twilight fan – in fact, I think it’s one of the most overrated bastardizations of vampire lore ever – but man, oh man, what I wouldn’t give to have someone go with me to see the lame movies I do want to see. XD

  9. I just returned from the cold smelly land of bakersfield! My aunt and uncle bought a new house off of coffee and olive. so big and so nice!

  10. I’m really missing your writing witty daughter.

    This was a nice post. You should swoon, you got a really good guy! Of course, he got a pretty swell gal as well.

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