I know I said it would be the end of the political blog posts for awhile but I think this is somebody every single person in the country should have to watch. If you support gay marriage, if you aren’t sure how you feel about it, and especially if you don’t, you need to watch this.

I know that I’ve completely failed the whole NaBloPoMo thing and I will touch on it in another post soon. Until then, watch the video, email it to a friend, post it on your own blog, spread the word because it’s important.

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  1. I’m not a fan of Keith Olbermann but I don’t think I could have said it better myself. That’s why he’s paid the big bucks. And yes, I have two cousins who are married to their partners and they are very happy. And I couldn’t be happier for them.

  2. Same, he nailed it right on the head (exactly how I feel).

    To anyone who read this / watched this video, and supported prop8:

    We redefine Marriage whenever it needs to be done….

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….

    Not Life, …welll…sometimes Liberty and Happiness…or a legal equivalent… even it it means that you can’t have what I can have? ..well, that’s okay…. as long as its at least similar, right… how bad coudl that bad, right? I mean, it’s not like we’re stopping a group from having the same exact same right that we have, right?…it ‘feels’ good and just, right? to cause another group to NOT Have the same rights we do?

    This is one of those issues that, I swear, I get angry about! We should NOT be taking rights away! People forget how difficult it was to get the rights that we DO Have! Many of them (many: registered voters, myself included) have not had to sit on a battlefield to make sure that we have the rights we do!

    …and now, we want to take rights away! to hide behind the words ‘we DEFINE marriage as….” Bullshit.

    Marriage gets redfined, just like many ideas do, as times change, and NEVER should a definition be used to take rights away.

    For anyone that believes in ‘yes on 8’ / that gay folks shouldn’t be able to marry. Imagine if all of the other ‘heteros’ decided that if you divorced or anulled once, ….that was it! DONE! Since, you had DEFINED marriage as between ONE man and ONE woman… that was it, you had your ONE Man, your ONE woman, you screwed it up! NO MORE CHANCES! If you couldn’t make it work, or if you chose badly? That’s it! Sorry!

    Redefining anything must be done with the utmost care. You must think of every case, and make sure that the definition works in EVERY case. If you want to redefine marriage, redefine marriage so that it decreases the divorce rate, don’t take the possibility of love away because you want to force your religious beliefs (see also: DEFINITIONS) onto another person! Redefine Marriage so that those in love will have the same chance that everyone else does to share it! and to stay IN love!

    But, of all of the possible choices to (re)define marriage as between ONE man and ONE woman, says to everyone, if you don’t fall into that ‘bucket’, ….fuck you… I KNOW BETTER for you than you do, even if you ARE in love, and are willing to commit your life to another person, …in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live? You are calling Bullshit on their relationships! You are telling them “Nope, this isn’t about you and your relationship, it’s about what I think is OK for you and your relationship, and simply? I don’t accept or approve of it, so, while you’ll have the same or simliar legal rights, you won’t get the same EXACT ceremony… it will be ….less…..

    Anyway, enough for now….. (this has OBVIOUSLY been on my mind a LOT lately)

  3. You’re right! I can’t wait for it either! And my cat! I totally wish it were legal for me to marry my CAT. I think I’ll start a ballot measure.

    Way to completely miss the entire point of his commentary, Sarah. Since you couldn’t possible come up with a valid reason to argue against one of his points, you fell back on the typical Conservative inane rhetoric.


  4. No, I just chose not to go on about it on your blog. It would be completely pointless. So I went with the short, smart ass comment instead. 😉

  5. Sarah, if your intent was to contribute, it will never likely be legal to marry your brother or sister. Ignorance about the possible risks that come from genes that are so similar mixing may be an issue for you, and if you are really not informed about it, you should learn about it. If you are informed about it, then it’s a silly question.

    Two people of the same sex who are in love, who want to share the rest of their life together, has almost nothing to do with you wanting to get married or stay married to whomever you choose, with one exception.

    If you are Heterosexual, right now, you have the choice. But if you are not, right now? You do not have that choice (of whom you marry, or even getting married).

    Why? Is it because of some horrible dicator? That doesn’t believe in personal rights for anyone?

    No. We live in a democracy right?

    (hand over Heart, looks at flag)
    “With Liberty and Justice For all”
    …well… EXCEPT GAY FOLKS……..

    Do NOT let your fear, your lack of understanding of why two men, or two women might be wired to want to be together, your religion, your belief system, your pasteur, your minister, ….stop two people, stop an entire group… from having the SAME RIGHTS (right to get married) that you have!

    …Liberty and JUSTICE for ALL.

    …for ALL.

    THE END>

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