Day 6 (plus 8 hours): In which I embrace my slacktitude.

OH HEY! LOOK AT THAT! There was no post make yesterday. OOPS!

Actually, I totally sat down to post at one point but accidentally ended up playing WOW for 20 minutes then decided to “lay down to watch the rest of CSI” and then suddenly it was 2:00AM and Ben was waking me up to get into bed. At that point it was already today so I figured I’d just shoot this off first thing in the morning.

TECHNICALLY I failed but I choose to say that yesterday was called on account of stress and sleep. So, it was really just a minor delay. *nods to self* I’ll get back on track with a post this evening! Until then I leave you with the best news since… Well, since Tuesday night!

GAS DROPPED OVER $.25 IN THREE DAYS! I think this is the firt time in over a year we’ve paid under $3.00 for gas. A few months ago it was knocking on $5.00’s door.

Down $.25 in three days!

PS – I wanted to point out that Caitlin did a Me Today and I TOTALLY SLACKED! DAMN THE SLEEP! Anyway, go give her some love for being so badass!

11 thoughts on “Day 6 (plus 8 hours): In which I embrace my slacktitude.

  1. It’s getting scary. Gas in town was down to $1.99 and I thought that would be the bottom out point. Nope, it’s getting to $1.97 and playing around, if it hits $1.80 I might start hoarding it.

  2. Go gas prices! Three days ago it was down to $2.15 here. I’m itching for it to fall under $2 — that would be for the first time in three years! At our highest it was around $4.09. It was awful. 🙁

  3. Dad, I think she did fall off the earth, something about all this twilight stuff, I dunno, I think we all need to revive her!

  4. Mmm. One plus of living in the south now! Gas here is about $1.56.. When just a few months ago it was $4-whatever like the rest of the country. FINALLY I can stop being mad at my cute widdle SUV

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