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Yesterday Ben said we should go look at bedroom furniture. OKAY LETS GO RIGHT NOW YOU DON’T NEED SHOES!! LETS JUST GO! This man does NOT like to shop. At all. I think I got him into IKEA once and he had hives for the next four days. As a matter of fact, he might STILL have them! I’m kidding of course, but he might as well have because he’s flat out refused to go back since then. So when he said that it was like he wanted to fulfill some dirty fantasy and, really, who was I to not let him do that for me?

We went to Levitz first and the reason that we have only gone furniture shopping once before came back to me. We have TOTALLY different taste. I am all modern and clean lines and BLACK and light metal. “Industrial” is the word I’d used. Ben is very into light wood, soft lines… like contemporary class. I’m not really sure how to describe it and when I asked him he was no help. (HA! *winks at Ben*) So we really didn’t agree on anything there. But it wasn’t so much that we didn’t agree, but neither one of us saw something that really blew us away. Ben suggested going to Ethan Allen.

ETHAN ALLEN! I almost died. Not only is Ethan Allen at the MALL(!!) and he WANTED to go, but it’s ETHAN ALLEN. I can’t tell you how many years I’ve thumbed through the pages of Ethan Allen and in my head decorated my ENTIRE HOUSE in the furniture than hermetically sealed it so that nobody could ever touch its perfect perfectness. It’s like, just perfect.

It’s so perfect in fact, that we walked in and in less than 10 minutes we found a set that we BOTH LIKED. And not just a little. Or, one of us gave in because we could live with it. We both REALLY liked the set. And it was funny because it was separated into two different rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs, and we liked BOTH of them without realizing they all matched! It was like our entire relationship was confirmed to me in the middle of Ethan Allen. Ben and I are really meant together because we actually LIKE the same furniture. TWICE. At different altitudes.

So we bought it. And it’s going to take 5-8 weeks to get here. And I’m not sure I’ve told you all this before (yes I have, about 10,000 times) that I am NOT a patient person. I want it NOW! Right NOW. I’m going to try and not dwell on it but it’s kinda hard to not focus on the fact that PERFECT will be upstairs in my bedroom soon and I’ll be sleeping on it and putting all my clothes in it and it will BE SO PERFECT.

Tonight we went and bought a new matress. We have a queen now and the bed we got is a California King to better suit Ben’s being taller than the house. And it is soft and wonderful and like laying on a cloud. And it will be so big that Ben and I will have our own zip codes. Which I had to kinda laugh at because us at night? Like this *crosses fingers*.

So we have the bed, two night stands, a chest (for me), and a double dresser for Ben from the New Impressions line. (EA.com uses frames *shudder* so you just have to search the site for it).

And then we sat down tonight and realized that holy crap, we just spent the entire cost of a wedding on furniture and the word “elope” was used. And actually, I was way more into the idea than I would have thought I’d have been. But that’s a whole other post entirely…

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  1. OH, man, I wish I could get new furniture… all of our stuff is from Peter’s single days. Except the dresser we bought for me (from Target) when I moved to NC. 🙁

  2. I sold pretty much all my furniture when I moved to San Jose. I kept enough for Cassidy’s room and that’s it. I finally sold that stuff about two years ago. The rest of our house is furnished with Ben’s stuff. That’s okay with me though because he has good taste.

    But seriously? He have a HUGE bedroom. 24 feet X 12 feet (I think it’s 12 but it seems like more) and a bed and ONE dresser and ONE nightstand. It’s sad looking and it was the last room I cared about decorating becuase it’s upstairs and we are the only one’s to see it. I’ve been using a BOX for a night stand so this is going to be REALLY nice to have.


  3. A lot of the time I take for granted that I live in and near the furniture capital of the world. The town that I live in is Lexington North Carolina. Ever Heard of of Lexington Furniture? Then about fifteen minutes down the road we have Thomasville furniture. Ringing any bells? To top it off we have High Point that is the home of the world furniture market. It is about 20 min away. All of the furniture in my home was on display at some point in the furniture market. At a retail value I have about $70,000 worth of furniture. I have spent around $8000 on all of it. I would recommend if you ever decide to redo your home and furniture that you get on a plane and fly to NC in the spring or fall the week after one of the markets. With that said. the pictures of your new bedroom suit are very pretty. Judging from the looks of it and what you have said about Bens taste, He and I parallel a lot in the terms of furniture.

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