Sucking up.


Last week for about 24 hours I lived one long perpetual blond moment. It felt like everything I touched turned to ripe pile of dog poo. The biggest offenses?

1) I went to McDonalds for dinner. I really don’t like McDonalds but neither Ben nor myself could figure out what we wanted and Cassidy was standing 10 feet away practically hyperventilating chanting MCDONLDS!! MCDONALDS!! MCDONALDS!! So I gave in and we went… and they completely SCREWED up the order. Well, Ben’s order. So after having to fix it TWICE I was just REALLY frustrated and wasn’t thinking and threw the bank card into the spot where I keep receipts. I had PROMISED Ben I’d not do this anymore since a month ago we had to cancel all the bank cards and have them reissued because I lost mine. heh heh.

2) The next morning Ben was taking my M3 in to have new tires mounted and put on the car. So I got up early and took the tires out of the Range Rover, into the M3 and took the Rover to work. When I got there I sat down and realized… where the heck was Cassidy going to sit to get to school!? The night before Ben had told me to put one of the tires in the spare spot and I completely forgot and the car was filled to the brim with tire in every spot EXCEPT the drivers seat… and the spare tire compartment. And the bank card still in the car.

See!? Those where just a few things. Imagine stuff like that, all. day. long.

So, to make up for it (or start) I cooked. For the first time in probably two months I cooked dinner. We live in the Silicon Valley and there’s always 60 restaurants with 5 miles of every home so it’s hard to convince myself to actually turn on the oven at night. heh As a matter of fact, the last thing I cooked was lasagna for Ben’s birthday.

The End.

P.S. – I didn’t get to robbing the bank. I figured that if things kept going the way they were, the bank I went into would run out of money just before I got there and I’d not even come out with enough to cover bail. But we are meeting up with Stuart and Lisa tonight for mini golf, Cambodian food and Spiderman 3! So I’m sure there will be SOMETHING to blog about tomorrow. Like how I totally kicked Ben’s ass at golf.

6 thoughts on “Sucking up.

  1. I am drooling over that photo.. that looks so yummy!! LOL

    I have a lot of blond moments.. and I have not been blond since I was about 5 years old. hahaha!

    I hope you have fun playing mini golf! I love it.. and let me know how Spiderman is.. I can’t wait to see it at the Imax!!!

  2. The food was REALLY REALLY REALLY good. The way my brother’s grandma used to make them… minus her homemade tortillas and enchilada sauce. So they are basically a cheap knock off. 😉

    The movie was good! Some of the action scenes were done really well but I didn’t really feel like the story was… I dunno, what it should have been? I guess it was kinda predictable at times. But good humor and good action!

  3. Anna, did you make your own rice? I keep buying boxed stuff and yours looks so much better. I have all the stuff to make chicken enchilada’s sitting here but am putting it off because I want good rice.

    And I’d just like to say I’m really starting to get blog envy. First you boast about how you have 60 restaurants within 5 miles (die) and then you say you have Cambodian food. I’m not sure where I could even get Cambodian food, uh not within 5 miles. In fact I don’t think anyone from Cambodia has ever been to Podunk.

    I need to send my husband to read this blog so he can see that there really is more out there, then McDonald’s (die again).

  4. I use a Ricearoni box. Spanish Rice, I think. But instead of a can of regular diced tomatoes I use a can of the diced tomatoes w/green chilies to give it more kick. And I cook it on a higher heat than it recommends and stir more often. It seems to make the rice thicker and kinda sticky.

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