Bubbles, bubbles everywhere and not a drop to drink.

So, HI! How have you been? I’m great. Just swell, thanks for asking!

We ended up going to the track this weekend. After Cassidy got up Friday around 10ish her fever was back to normal and she was STARVING which usually means she’s better and lets get this show on the road, people!

Functional Bling

The car did amazingly well with the new Functional Blingâ„¢ (carbon fibre wing) and Fantastic Sticky Rubberâ„¢ (Hankook slicks tires). I didn’t ride along with Ben at all because 1) my tummy has been consistently upset for about two weeks now and even with a DOUBLE dose of Dramamine I get nauseated after 20 minutes on the track, and 2) Ben was racking up REALLY fast times and I’d have just slowed him down.

As a matter of fact! He has a new personal best for Thunderhill. Prior to this weekend his best time was 2:07.18 and this weekend he turned SEVERAL 2:05’s with the lowest a 2:05.09. SO CLOSE to a 2:04 and the last session he wasn’t going to go out but a lot of cars had left and I was like, “Dude, you’re gonna have clean, clear track and it’s not that hot.” So he went, and was flying around the track and I just KNEW he’d gotten the 2:04 and… the Hot Lap Timer failed and no times were recorded. DOH!

Now I’m trying to talk him into running some Time Trial races. Looking at the times they are running, I think that he’ll do well.


It was great to see Stuart, Andrew, Ivan, Raza, Walter and Florian on the track too. I love it when the NorCalBMW crew makes it to a track day too because you get to make fun of people all day and nobody gets upset and your belly hurts from laughing and your cheeks are sore from smiling. 🙂 I have big Reid cheeks so it’s a LOT of sore.

I also had the chance to hang out with Lisa quite a bit and away from the party scene for the first time. She’s a pretty cool chick with a wicked sense of humor. And! Cassidy took to her RIGHT AWAY.

Early morning light over Turn 5

Speaking of Cassidy… Ben got a hotel room with a hot tub because it wasn’t much more and thought it would be cool to relax after a long track day. He dropped us off at the hotel and headed to the track right away to unload the trailor and secure a spot under the awning. When Cassidy walked in the room and saw the hot tub she immediately started ripping off her clothes. It was funny. “I HAVE TO GET IN, MOM! I CAN SWIM IN THERE! IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN! WHERE’S MY SWIMSUIT?! ARE THERE TOYS TO PLAY WITH?! MOM DON’T SIT DOWN WE HAVE TO FILL IT UP RIGHT NOW!!!” I grabbed the mini bottle of shampoo out of the bathroom and dumped the whole thing in and GOOD LORD the bubbles! It was crazy. She was happy and fever free and didn’t bother me for almost 45 minutes.

The next night Ben got in and put in some bubble bath I’d bought at The Black Bear cafe that afternoon when Cassidy, Lisa and I had lunch. When I went to turn the jets on for him, I had forgotten that the bubbles got really bad AFTER the jets were on when Cassidy was in so I added more to the water. By the time I looked over at him again there was about THREE FEET of bubble over the top of the water. I’m not kidding, it was HILARIOUS and I snapped a picture that I’ve been banned from posting online even though all you can see is bubbles and Ben’s head. The picture didn’t turn out all that well anyway because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold still enough.

And that’s about it. I wish I had more, or something TOTALLY FANTASTIC to share but that’s really…about it. Really. Before my next blog I’ll rob a bank or something that will make for a more interesting post.

9 thoughts on “Bubbles, bubbles everywhere and not a drop to drink.

  1. hehehe Well, it’s not really much other than a BIG PILE O’ BUBBLES, Ben’s head sticking out and some toe’s! Maybe I can edit it in a way that he’s okay with me putting it up. 😉 But seriously, the picture itself is kinda blurry and not in focus becuase I was laughing SO HARD!

  2. come on ben let her post it, theres no nudity. i would post the pic of my bf in the jacuzzi tub, but um yah theres nudity and i dont want you all seeing his winky

  3. hehe When I read “I DID” I thought that you had posted the picture of your boyfriend and I spit Pepsi on my monitor. TeeHee!!

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