I want to post about something but I can’t because it’s a surprise and it’s SO COOL but it will have wait till Sunday. And there will be PICTURES TOO!

I’ve been working on a post about my highschool BFF. We recently reconnected and I’ve been thinking about her a lot and thinking about her has turned into a blog post that’s longer than long. Maybe even longer than that. Worth it though. I’ve just been remembering some of the stuff we got ourselves into… Oh, the DRAMA OF IT ALL. God, those were some wicked years. And even though at the time I was a typical bitchy teenager that hated the ENTIRE UNFAIR WORLD, I look back now and can’t help but smile at how fun it was.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and off to bed. I just felt like the blog needed some fluff to lighten it up a bit. I’ll try and get that post up tomorrow. 🙂

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