Something exciting!! And the rest, not so much.


I’m at that part of the day where I’m WAY over productivity and looking for things to do to pass the time so you get to hear me ramble. YAY!

Before I begin, BIG NEWS! Guillermo proposed to Sandra. Congrats to you two! I love you both very much and I’m SO happy that the two of you are heading down this path. And not just because I get to do wedding stuff’s with somebody else who has infinitely better taste and style than I do while I plan my own (Although, that IS a big part of it. I need all the guidance I can get, ya know.. ;)) but because you two are “The Perfect Couple”. Often times I feel like people just don’t understand my feelings for Ben. How deeply the love goes. How I want want’s best for him and our family with every single fibre of my being. And when I see some of the superficial CRAP, and women who get engaged just to get married and I want to strangle them, I think about you two. Because I know that you two have that also. When you look at eachother, when you steal a smile when you think nobody is looking, when Sandra calls Guillermo G-Tard and REALLY MEANS it but STILL has that look in her eye, THAT’S true love. Congrats, again. To both of you AND to Oso (He’s totally wearing a tux right??)! 😉

I didn’t mention this earlier because I wanted to get some good “look” photos taken with it, but my Barbie Loves MAC came in last Friday. But.. I hadn’t showered in two days and people were vacating houses in a four block radius from the smell and I was scared to let its perfect cuteness touch me in that state. heh Then Saturday I was too busy soaking up Ben cuteness to bother taking pictures. Three days in a house with a sick child will do amazing damage to a person’s mental wellbeing. Especially when the person has little wellbeing to begin with. Then Sunday I went into a sudden house cleaning panic. You know, cups needed to be lined up according to capacity, height and color. And there were canned vegetables mixed in with the canned fruit *shudder*. And it had been far too long since I’d scrubbed every outlet and light switch in the house with a Magic Eraser. And since it seemed silly to stop there, I cleaned them all up after that with Clorox wipes. Then the floor in the dining room looked dirty so I Wet Swiffered every floor downstairs. The day continued that way till I realized at 11:00PM that MAYBE I SHOULD JUST STOP!

So I did.

Dear Barbie,

My makeup Sunday looked REALLY REALLY cute, though. I used four colors from the Barbie collection and every time I passed by a mirror, I couldn’t help but be happy that the little plastic bitch exists. (Yes, I called Barbie a bitch. Because if a person walked by and was anatomically perorational to her, had her flawless skin, amazing wardrobe, a shoe collection that ANYBODY would be jealous of, a garage full of cars, AND her very own MAC collection, well I’d call her that. And any female that says otherwise is a LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!) So, I was going to take a picture of said cuteness but didn’t remember till it was 11:00PM and I was in the shower scrubbing all the toxic cleaning supplies off of me and it was too late. But I promise it was really really cute!

To make up for it, I took a shot of what the MAC obsession currently looks like and a close up of the Barbie goodness. And I’m ready to admit I have a problem. It’s moved past the sense of pride I get when people comment on the pictures with “OMG! So jealous!”, to the knowledge that YES IT MIGHT BE A PROBLEM. And if you have info for a support group feel free to send it my way. TeeHee.

7 thoughts on “Something exciting!! And the rest, not so much.

  1. OMG you might might might be in some serious competition with my friend tator and his mac cosmetics (yes i said him, he is a gay guy from bako who wears only mac lol) i am envious of you, since i can now afford mac i will be buying some!!!

  2. Honey, I live in the Bay Area, having guys sell MAC at the counters is not uncommon. Neither is the fact that they can ALL do makeup better than I can. Bastards!!

  3. i forgot about that bay area thing lol and i really hate that my friend tator can do his makeup better than me, i really hate it, but then again some of the best makeup artists are guys BASTARDS

  4. Awwww Thank you!!
    They have a few wedding expos coming soon like you said we’ll have to check them out!

    & Wow your MAC collection is looking good!!

  5. So my newest cousin in law is obsessed with MAC and I just thought she was a silly teeny bopper until I saw your photos. Now, I have to have some Barbie loves MAC. Thanks Anna for making me obsess over something else. I’ll direct my husband’s hate mail to you 🙂

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