*starts drooling*

Ben and I are on our way to Bakersfield for garlic chicken calzone DELUX at Frughatti’s.

EDIT @ 1:21AM – We are back. We weren’t just there for food, we were meeting a guy kinda half way so Ben could sell him is front M3 seats now that he has the race seat in. We really wanted the calzone on the way back from Disneyland but got there about 15 minutes too late and I was craving it.

It was good to get to visit with Kristen and we’ll have to catch you next time Julie! And now I’m off to bed. 🙂

5 thoughts on “*starts drooling*

  1. That’s why you guys were here? Just for Frugatti’s?! haha

    SorryI couldn’t make it. I was in the dressing room and definitely not finished with my shopping fix.

  2. It was good to see you and to meet The Ben.

    And I like the way you say “we” when you really mean “Ben thinks I’m crazy for looking for excuses for driving three and a half to four hours away to get fat.” And…just get their number, that way when you’re driving through you can call in and order before you actually get there. That means ordering food before nine. 🙂
    And thanks for the iced tea.

  3. Hi hun, that sucks, I really hate craving something for a while, and then not getting it. It just pisses me off lol. How was Disney land?

  4. Glad to meet you Too Kristen! Sorry it was so short, but very nice to finally put a face to a name 🙂 Hopefully you can visit sometime. And now, back to caring for my back 🙁 (see also: lift properly when putting stock bmw seats into the back of your GTI :()

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