Deal Maker.

Since Cassidy has returned from three weeks at her fathers we’ve had to do the “retraining of the manners.” *sigh* She has picked back up the habit of getting our attention with the “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom” or “Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben” technique. She fires it at you in rapid succession like a woodpecker tapping at the inner depths of your brain.

After telling her several times in the car on the way to eat and then sitting at the table to: Be Patient, Say Excuse Me, and Wait… she was just not getting it. After telling her once and having her say, “Ben, Ben, Ben” not a minute and a half later he calmly looked at her and said, “Okay, no movie for you tonight.”

Now, I hate punishing her. I do, and I understand why it has to be done but a lot of the time I think I feel worse for punishing her than she does for receiving it. That is until I realize that she’s MUCH too smart to NOT be getting the rapid-firing-of-the-name rule. How do I know she’s to smart? Well, let me tell you.

I, feeling guilty that she was not going to get to watch the movie and while watching her eyes light up at the mear mention of dessert, decided to give her a choice on the punishment she received. We were eating at La Milpa. La Milpa happens to make the BEST flaun in the entire Universe. Yes people, THE FUCKING UNIVERSE.

This conversation followed:

Me: How about this? You can decide which punishment you receive. You can watch the movie and not eat dessert or you can get dessert but not watch the movie. You decide.
Cassidy: So you aren’t getting dessert?
Me: I am most certainly getting dessert.
Cassidy: But you said you were full.
Me: I am NOT too full for the best flaun in THE UNIVERSE. I am full. And I am getting dessert.
Cassidy: Welllll… How about THIS? What if I don’t eat my quesadilla, but DO get dessert THEN I can watch the movie because I’m still not eating something! *hopefull gleam in her eye*
Ben: *laughing*
Me: That was a VERY nice try. And while I have to give you a lot of credit for being very smart and coming up with what you thought was a fair compromise, it ain’t gonna happen. Dessert or the movie.
Ben: You have three seconds to decide. One… Two…
Cassidy: Fine! I’ll watch the movie.

Smart. Smart enough that she hasn’t pecked my brain all day.

2 thoughts on “Deal Maker.

  1. I am seriously LOL at this blog!! 🙂 Want to know who is soooo guilty of this behavior, constantly trying to get my attention, never taking the humane polite route to do it, you know don’t ya? Hehe!! MY 28 YO HUSBAND!!!! He just lives in the moment, you could take away everything and he’d still do it!!

  2. Yeah, Brandon is bad about that from what I remember. But he’s a big romantic too so he makes up for it I’d assume!

    I wish I could put in word that attidude she threw out when she said that last part… but really, there are no words.

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