Web Standards in my Ass

I’m about 60% done on a site reformat. Stop looking at me like that.

I say 60% because although the layout is *almost* what I want it to be, I’ve decided not to make it live till all the content has been gone over with a fine tooth comb. Updated, reformatted, recoded, etc. And I’m serious this time. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!

One big change is that for the first time I’ve coded the site entirely with divs rather than tables or frames. I’ve had the ambition to do this for a long time and finally sat down in the last week or two and read and read and read and read sites, tutorials, message boards, etc to learn more before attempting to do this and completely fucking up the entire site. heh

Last night as I was coding and messing with the most extensive amount of CSS I’ve ever had to deal with on a site, I remembered a rant I made a little over a year ago about how “web standards” could, how did I put it…

Because it’s my damn site and if you want to use Mozilla or Opera or whatever the hell else, that’s your option. Just understand that this is MY GODDAMN WEBSITE and if I want COLORED SCROLLBARS then goddamit I WILL HAVE THEM and you can take your ‘web standards’ and stick them straight up you ass!

Ahh yes, “they could go straight up your ass”.

Well, it seems as if my ass is rather full lately because I’ve become somewhat of a code nazi now. I’ve validated 90% of the sites I visit regularly just to see if they are coded properly. It’s a temporary obsession till I get bored with it or something more obsessable comes along or Ben gets naked.

Anyway, the layout. It’s very simple. I mean, like ONE graphic simple. I might make some small menu buttons but other than that I like it’s uncluttered, simple feel and look.

Once it’s up I’d LOVe to just LEAVE IT ALONE for awhile. Use it for what it’s supposed to be, a blog. I really don’t want a huge popular blogging site. I like the fact that a few friends comment and that even though my dad never comments, he’s able to keep up with what’s going on in my life. It’s just… me. There but not needing or wanting a lot of attention. Only with the blog you don’t have to hear me burp or smell my farts. So really, it’s like me but BETTER.

I do, however, feel the need to do something else. Another site that’s bigger. More of a community. But I don’t want a bunch of random schmucks that I don’t know or like to be a part of it. Because I’m picky and moody and really don’t like to deal with random schmucks.

I have an idea swirling around in my head to maybe start a family community site. Like MY family. More specifically, my dad’s side of the family. When I first thought of it and had to do a quick run down of the people in my family that use the computer regularly this idea became somewhat frighteningly complicated. There are a lot of them and I thought it would be a huge undertaking. But the more I think about it and research the more I realize that it really wouldn’t be as difficult as I originally thought. Throwing up a “news” section for each individual family unit (family unit = all the people that live under one roof. My dad and Cherie would be one, my step-sister, her three kids and husband would be another, etc) would be pretty easy ecspecially with all the premade blog layouts you can get now. After getting a basic layout for a main news section, the rest would be pretty quick. I’m betting I can have the entire site up and running smoothly in a month.

The main news section would be a place where EVERYBODY can post and would be the main page. There people could announce things like ‘we’re fishing next Tuesday, all who can make it are welcome’, times they’ll be in another’s neck of the woods, set up times for dinner, let everybody know they are making Reid Family Taco’s so their daughters could make an excuse to come see them ;).

Then the 4images gallery would be put up so pictures can be enjoyed by all by only having to visit one location.

Anyway, it’s still just an idea. I figure if I have to deal with schmucks it should be the schmucks I love and am related to. 😀

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