Converstions with Cassidy

I added a new catagory: Conversations with Cassidy. Not that you can search by catagory… because I don’t have them listed anywhere. That will change soon. Anyway, this is a pretty self explanatory catagory. Most of the conversations are between Ben and Cassidy because when the two of them start… it’s just classic.

And here we go!!

Last night in the car on the way home from the grocery store:
Me: *as we pull a ‘Ben’ around a left turn* Oh Lord.
Ben and Cassidy: *chuckle*
Me: We have bread AND 2 litre’s in the back. The bread needs to make it home alive for Cassidy’s lunches.
Ben: She can have Pepsi sandwiches.
Me: *blank stare*
Cassidy: Good one Ben!
Me: OH… LORD!!!

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