It’s raining, it’s pouring!!

Fist rain of the season. I love the rain. Well, I love it when it rains for ONE day, MAYBE two at a time.

Last year we had a rainy season that lasted for about two months… where it didn’t rain for a total of two days. That was a bit hard to take for this Bakersfield native who was used to seeing rain for 10 days out of the whole YEAR. Ben on the other hand, absolutley thrives in that rainy weather. He grew up in Washington where overcast sky’s and rain were normal all year round.

Anyway, it’s raining now and it sounds and smells lovely. 🙂 I’m off to take a long hot bath becuase nothing is better on a cold rainy day than a long hot soak in the tub while listening to the drops hit the roof.

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