A few things…

#1 – The photoblog is back up and running. You can check it by clicking the ‘Views’ button up there at the top of the page.

It’s all coded pretty in CSS so it should work NO MATTER WHAT BROWSER YOU HAVE!! I took a layout that I *kinda* liked and tweaked the shit out of it. That’s an understatement really, I pretty much changed everything. But whatever, it works. ON ALL THE BROWSERS!!!

#2 – I’m going to start working on a layout for an archive page. I really want it to fit within the frame of the main layout but I’ve been looking at blogs all over the WWW and it seems like if you have a frame layout, a seperate archive is the way to go. Meh.

I’m sure that will be CROSS BROWSER COMLIANT too. I just want a way for people to be able to view posts via catagory and date.

#3 – Why all the motivation? Well, frnakly I’m sick of the site being half done. I change layouts like I change underware (maybe even more :screwy:) and I’m tired of ‘coming soon’ signs and things being half done. I need to STICK with a layout already and work on content. The thing is, the way everything is coded now, I’ve made changing layouts really easy on myself because I use Edit Plus to do a Find->Replace All and BAM! Everything is ready to go.

#4 – I’ve set a date to come up with a name for a new domain. By the end of September, the name just HAS to be registered. Then I can just transfer everything over to it, put a nice little temproray redirect up and kick the name Stacy out of my life FOR F-IN GOOD. (Othen than the princess of course, but that’s a given). I just HAVE to get rid of this domain name. I hate it. It’s like an Albatross I just can’t get away from.

#5 – Anybody who suggests a name that I like and end up using will get some kind of special prize.. I don’t know what yet. But something cool. I just have total thought blockage when it comes to trying to figure out what I want myself to be ‘know as’ for what should be a very long time.


5 thoughts on “A few things…

  1. Hmm do you have any nicknames that everyone calls you? if so how about using that along with your name. mine is just my name and birthdate so people dont forget.

  2. Because my family read my site ‘bitch’ anything is out.

    And I don’t think I’m much of a drama queen. My life is rather routine now so that really doesn’t fit either…

    Thanks though:?:

  3. Traci, most everybody on the web knows me as ‘Antigone’.. shoot, a lot of people OFF the WWW know me as that.

    I’ve tried different variations of that but nothing seems to grab me. Of everything I’ve thought of, the ones that had Antigone in it in one way or another were the ones that I liked the most so we’ll see. 🙂

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