La la la la la….

I need to post.
I need to post all about my birthday and how I have the best boyfriend ever who not only let me blow money on clothes but who also took me to a dinner overlooking the entire valley and got a bottle of wine and we had steak and lobster and GODIVA CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE (like the real souffle that you order with dinner because it takes 45 minutes to cook and tastes like HEAVEN ON A PLATE) and decorated the living room with balloons and streamers (with a mother and annoying little bothers help) and brought home a sinful Mocha cake from The Prolific Oven (which, BTW I won’t make fun of any more just because it’s call The PROLIFIC Oven) and pictures will come with all this information I swear.

*deep breath*

Aren’t run-on sentences fun? *crosses fingers* I’ll make an actual post tonight I swear.

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