Birthday Bash.

I guess the celebration started on Wednesday because that’s when my mom got to town. This is probably going to be the second longest post ever but I’ll start there…

Wednesday: Mom and Cameron arrive at about 6:30. We ate at Pasand because… well, whatever excuse I can use to get to Pasand will be taken. 😉

Thrusday: Mom had an interview that went really well. We ate that night at the philly cheesteak/grlic fry place I can never remember the name of. I think everybody in the city of San Jose could smell the garlic stench that escaped our house that night. 😳

Friday: Mom had another interview at a place farther away. Went well but more work than she’s wanting to do. One of the reasons to move it to find a place she can work LESS. Not the same amount of time FARTHER away!

When I picked up Cassidy from school the VERY first thing she said to me was, ‘Have you been home to see your surprise yet?!?!?’ SURPRISE?!?! I think I ran a red light on the way to the house. 😉 When I got there I walked in and the living room had balloons and streamers hanging up and there was a card from Ben and from Cassidy on the table. Ben had taken my mom with him to get the decorations and then went back to work and my mom and Cameron got them all hung up. They are still up actually but they are not going across the room, just hanging from the walls. I jsut CAN’T TAKE THEM DOWN!!! I will this weekend.

(This pic was taken AFTER dinner. That’s why we all look so full and lazy and fat!)

My mom and I went shopping that afternoon and she bought me the MOST GORGEOUS strappless, classic ‘little black dress’ and sexy black heals for my ‘surprise’ on Saturday. Ben just told me to get something dressy. God I love him for giving me an excuse to shop.

I opened my card with the cash and the ‘rules’ stating I had to spend all the money on clothes by the end of the weekend. Such HARD rules!!! 😛

Then we went to Franky Johnny and Luigi’s Too for some fabulous Italian food. 🙂 We never even got to cake. We were so full that we decided to put it off till the next day.

Saturday: My mom and I got up and shopped, shopped, shopped. I got some jewelry for the evenings fun and a few other things. I’m going to hold off on all the shopping spoils for another post. I’m in the process of taking pics of everything. 🙂

I came home with just enough time to get in the shower and get ready for the surprise. I could kick myself in the ass for not having my mom snap pictures of Ben and I all dressed up. He looked.. hot. Dress pants and shirt, tie, leather jacket. Hot. I think I looked pretty damn good myself!

So… he took me to Bella Vista. We sat at the table to the left in the first picture there where the three people are sitting and ate dinner looking at the view you see in the third picture. We had a nice bottle of red wine, praws for an appetizer, petite filet and the biggest lobster tail I’ve ever had at a restaurant… and Godiva chocolate souffle for dinner. It was delicious, romantic, beautiful… It was better than I had dreamed all week long it was going to be. And I had BIG dreams. In a word, it was ‘perfect’.

Sunday: We got up and FINALLY ate CAKE!!!!! I was going to take picture of it with ‘Happy Birthday Anna’ but after three days of drooling over it I cut right in!!! Good lord it was good.

My mom and I went and looked a apartements for her. Well, we looked at one. And it was the PERFECT one for her. She put a deposit to hold it right then. That too shall be in an0ther post. Location and all that good stuff will be posted about very soon since she’s decided on the job she is taking.

After that we all went and grabbed some Quizno’s and they were on the way back to Bakersfield. I went to spend the rest of my money and came home and CRASHED. I was absolutley BEAT.

It the best weekend EVER. Ben was… Ben? He made me feel like an absolute princess. I could never thank him enough. My mom and Cameron being here was just icing on the cake.

And that’s it. I’m bushed and heading to bed. I have lots of stuff to talk about and will get to all of that tomorrow night. Night all!

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