I have become slightly obsssed with makeup lately. Experimenting with different color eye shadows, lipsticks… I’m also obsessed with shiney, glossy lips. The lips must be glossy at all times. Even if I have NO OTHER makeup on.

So vain, I’m going straight to hell.

P.S. – This is the best lipgloss in the WORLD!!! I have it on all the time. Clear in that pic up there but I also have red and pink. It’s aswome color that lasts quite awhile and is SOOOOO GLOSSY!

5 thoughts on “Confession.

  1. I love makeup too… I wish I did as well now with my makeup as I did in high school 🙁 My sister let me do her makeup for to go home in and it came out awesome! I always wanted to do someone else’s makeup!

  2. I too am a makeup junkie. I have to agree with the gloss Anna, the more shine the better. My favorite glosses are Glam Shine by Loreal and THE GLOSS by Benefit. They are both awesome. I actually thought about going to cosmetology school before I got pregnant. I would love to be a makeup artist and do big stars. I have already done 3 weddings parties and 4 girls for prom. Not only was it fun but I got paid to do it. :mrgreen:

  3. I’ve always liked make-up but the older I get the more I LOVE IT!! 😛 Haven’t tried the Mabelline yet though, I’ll have to pick some up. My favorite gloss right now would be Mac Lip Glass, you can actually see yourself in this stuff it is awesome!!

  4. For some reason before now I wans’t a big makeup person. But for the past month every Friday on payday I stop and pick soemthing up.. lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara. I’m having way too much fun. 😳

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