After the long treck to pick up Cassidy at the half way point and then taking her to see a doctor as soon as we got into town becuase her father could not differentiate between a yiest infection and a BUG BITE (Cassidy has the latter of the two I found out after worring THE WHOLE WAY HOME that she had the first) we finally pulled into home aorund 8pm.

When we walked in the door, Taco Bell in hand, I just wanted to vedge on the couch for the rest of the night but of course had way too much to attent to since The Princess was now back in the kingdom.

The first thing we did was listen to the the answering machine. Out of the blue, the treasurer of the PTA* (which is aparently a HIGHLY esteemed PTA position) called to ask if I could help out at the science lab the next day. It’s Ocean Week at Cassidy’s school and I’ve REALLY been meaning to become more involved with the school activities to meet more parents. So, when she asked me if I could help I said, ‘Of course, I’d love to.’ To which she responded, ‘Well, aren’t you a LOVE!!!’ It was then that I started to realize that maybe I should have thought this through just a little better.

So, this morning between 8:30 and 1:00 I was told every ounce of school/PTA gossip any one person that’s a part of the Montague PTA could ever dream of knowing. In between gossip bouts, I got to help the kids (3 classes at a time starting with Kindergarden and going up every session) make cute little sea life pictures using sand, glue and paper plates… Make sea star’s with Cherrio sucker feet… And fish ink impressions.

Helping the kids was an absolute blast. I had forgotten how creative the little guys can be. And the look on Cassidy’s face as she walked into the cafateria and told EVERYBODY WHO WOULD LISTEN, ‘There’s my mom!! HI, MOM!!’ was a far greater feeling than I could have imagined.

The *FEEL the IMPROTANCE of her title* treasurer *did you feel it?* told me that 95% of the PTA parents are parents of 5th graders and unless some parents of younger children get involved, there will not BE a PTA next year. I don’t think I could even impress upon you the absolute horror on her face as she told me this. She then went on to tell me what an fabuluos PTA secretary that she thought I’d make. Ummm, Hi. You met me 30 minutes ago. Let me dip my toe in the PTA pool before you FULLY SUBMERGE ME IN THE WATER DROWNING ME IN THE GUILT!

The bad part, I’m considering it. It *will* give me the opportunity to meet more parents and get to be involved in Cassidy’s school more which I really want to do. I just don’t know that I can deal with the drama, PTA drama no less. And let me tell you, there seems to be no lack of it!! I dunno, I guess I should sleep on it a few nights and see how I feel. I’m already planning on going next monday to help set up for Teacher Appreciation Day so if I can manage to make it through that okay, I might give it a go.

On an off note, I wish I had a camera to take the picture of PTA Treasurer when one of the little girls caught a glimpse of my tattoo and I suddenly became the coolest things since SLICED BREAD! hahah I’m evil.

*Known as this point forward as ‘PTA Treasurer’, as not to incriminate myself. Heaven forbid, she find my blog!!

2 thoughts on “PTA

  1. The PTA is a cool thing to be involved in if you can find a way to keep yourself detached from the drama. In high school my mom was the secretary and she loved it. It kept her involved and she learned a little bit about the school and the faculty and stuff. This was espcially good when I started having problems with teachers and there were faculty members that could back up my accusations.

  2. Yeah, that’s the main thing i want. I want to be able to have a working relationship with any of the teachers that Cassidy might end up with over the next five years.

    Plus, I haven’t met a SINGLE perosn that I’d let babysit for us so we have to wait till her dad decides he want’s to see her (less that once a month lately) or we include her in our plans.

    I don’t mind bringing her along becuase I love her and I WANT her to be with me BUT sometimes it would be nice to get dressed up and go to a nice dinner with just the man and do adultish type stuff that might not necessarily be G rated. 😉

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