Troy (The Epic, not the Idiot)

We went to see Troy last night and I went in really not expecting a lot out of it. It hasn’t been getting the GREATEST reviews, and being a HUGE Greek mythology buff, I was expecting to be dissappointed. I was surprisingly delighted with it.

I really think the hype behind Brad Pitt being the star of this movie was WAY opver-rated as Eric Bana TOTALLY stole the show as Hector. He did a VERY good job acting and making me BELIEVE in him and what he was fighting for. Much more so than Brad Pitt did.

The story line, for the most part, generally followed what I remember reading. There were some and at least one major changes made but they were done for the sake of the movie and not THAT imposing on the story. Idon’t want to mention them here because I know that a lot of you have probably not seen it yet as this is the opening weekend.

Major dissapointment… Orlando Bloom. I really thought that he was a good looking guy in TLotR trilogy. I was excited to get to see him in another movie. Then I realized, without the pointy ears and the long blond hair, he’s really rather palin looking. *See’s the wierdness in the last statement* I’m not saying I love elves, or that I’m into poiny ears… Oh, who am I kidding.

Anyway, ya’ll should go see it!!

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