Pismo Beach Weekend

On Black Friday Ben snagged a few nights at our favorite hotel in Pismo, SeaVenture, and we were finally able to use them up last weekend and it was PERFECT. We woke up both mornings to the sound of rain and waves but still had two days of beautiful blue skies. It was so very relaxing. Walks on the beach and to eat and to get coffee. Lots of soaking in the hot tub on the balcony. Lots of laying in bed talking and laughing and watching bad TV.

And we ate a lot of food.


029/366 Selfie on the balcony of our room. ??


Crispy calamari bahn mi. Delicious!

Trying to get that perfect sunset shot. ;)

Pismo Weekend

Pismo Weekend

Pismo Weekend

Pismo Weekend

Ahi tuna wraps! #YES

Time for some dinner #NOMS!


To offset that cinnamon roll breakfast. ;) Black bean quinoa sliders and tomato soup. #Vegan deliciousness!

I think there's a dire wolf loose in Pismo.

Sugar rush incoming!

Coconut shrimp.

Halibut fish and chips OMG SO GOOD.

Ben's scallops and risotto.

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