Goodbye, Friend.

I miss her. I miss her on my pillow at night. I miss our daily cuddles when I get home from work. I miss flopping down onto my bed and her protesting from under the covers because I didn’t notice her there. I even miss her reminding Kumo every night that she was the boss of him.

I just miss her. But missing her means that for a long time she was here and I got to love her. And that love is so very much worth the pain I feel now. I know that it will pass and in the end I’ll just be left with a life time of awesome memories of how much she loved me but hated every other living thing on Earth.

The earliest photo I have tagged of her on Flickr. Taken January 26th, 2004.

Slumber Party

Checking out the backyard of our house in San Jose. She never really liked to go outside and would only go out if you were out there with her and she would always try and position herself between you and the door. So if you moved like you were going inside she could be sure and dart in before you and never be left out alone.

About to eat me.

This is the day we brought Hans home. This photo sums up pretty well how she felt about it.

So.  Pissed.  Off.

I probably moved a muscle causing her to think I was about to go inside and abandon her outside alone forever and ever.

KC and Hans.

Reminding Hans that she is the boss of him.

Round 2: KC

“I am going to hug you to death.”

KC tries to kill Hans.

“Happy Fucking Halloween.”

Sleep with one eye open.

She always found my clean clothes to be the most comfortable spot to clean her butt.

Me: GET OFF MY CLEAN CLOTHES! KC: What? Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of my tongue licking my butt.

Her amazing eyes and that tiny pink spot on my nose were always my favorite things about her.


And, or course, my most favorite photo of her I ever took.


Goodbye, friend. You left a really big paw print on my heart and I will cherish your memory forever. <3

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  1. Anna, she is gorgeous and was so lucky to have such a loving home and mommy. I can only imagine the pain you are feeling and I know one day I’ll be right in your shoes, but for now I am thinking of KC and hope that she is rest in peace as she surely deserves. -hugs-

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