The Newsroom: The TV show you are crazy for not watching.

I love stories. Book, movies, TV shows… ALL THE STORIES! I also get irrationally attached to characters so the last chapter of the last book in a series: TEARS! The last episode of a TV show: TEARS! Then I have to mourn the loss for a few days or weeks or forever. So I get incredibly frustrated when shows end too early due to bad ratings. HELLO FIREFLY! Wait, moment of silence for there only being one season of Firefly…



I actually get equally annoyed when shows try and eek out one more season. The Office is a great example of this. The entire last season was difficult for me to watch. In all honestly, they should have jumped ship when Steve Carell left the show. It just felt like they were trying WAY too hard past that point but I specifically hated the entire Jim/Pam story line the last season. It was completely out of character, made me really hate a previously loved character and even with the last episode it was hard to get that out of my head.


My whole point here was that I was scared for awhile that The Newsroom was not going to get picked back up for a 3rd season. I don’t see a huge following online, only have one other friend that “likes” the page on Facebook and when I ask anybody about it they don’t even know it EXISTS, let alone watch it. So I’m asking all of you good internet people to GO WATCH THIS SHOW IT IS AMAZING. I let out a loud WOOHOO when Jeff Daniels tweeted yesterday that it was officially picked up for a 3rd season but I also realize that if more people don’t start watching this show, it’s going to end well before it’s time.

If you ever liked The West Wing (which is a great example of knowing the prefect way to wrap up a series) then you will love The Newsroom. Aaron Sorkin took everything that was perfect about The West Wing and made it BETTER. It’s smart, funny, honest, raw, fast, beautifully written, wonderfully acted and will make you laugh and cry and cheer and THINK. It’s just amazing.

And here, I’ll make it easy! Here are two clips. The 1st clip is the opening scene of the first episode. I watched this because it had been posted online and knew immediately that Ben and I HAD to watch this show. It’s 8 minute. Watch the whole thing. Jeff Daniels is brilliant.

The second clip is just a small taste of the humor that you get. It was honestly hard to pick one scene but I love it because this show has SMART, STRONG, INTELLIGENT, FUNNY and SUCCESSFUL women. These two are my favorite characters on the show and this is exactly why.

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