Ask & Answer!

I’m bored and all you people need to amuse me so ASK! QUESTIONS! Going to try and answer AT LEAST two a week in a video. They’ll be crappy iPhone videos but still. I’m lazy and don’t want to type so instead you all get to see my awesome mug. I promise next time to put SOMETHING on my face other than brownie crumbs. I forgot my makeup bag at home today so never put any on and wasn’t about to for a 2 minute video. HA!


10 thoughts on “Ask & Answer!

  1. What’s your favorite (televised) Star Trek? Original, TNG, Voyager, etc.

    Favorite superhero? Why?

    You don’t have to answer both unless you want to – just wanted to throw a couple out there.

  2. What is one of your favourite place on the internet that you think not many people know about?

    What is your favourite healthy snack? What about your favourite non healthy snack?

    Does it bother you that I spell favourite with a U? HUH!?!?!

    What is one place you’ve always wanted to visit?

  3. How were you able to maintain such a close bond with your child once she entered the teenage years?

    Do you see yourself living somewhere out of California?

  4. Were you into all this geeky stuff (StarTrek, Firefly, tech in general) when you were younger or is it an adult thing?

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