????????Because I don’t have the energy for a long post, here is my birthday weekend wrapped up in pictures.

Breakfast and my favorite place with my mom, Cameron, Ben and Cassidy. Eggs Alexandria and Los Gatos Cafe.
Eggs Alexandria at Los Gatos Cafe.

Cassidy and her hot chocolate.

My new Emeril copper bottom cookware from Cassidy and Ben. Even more special than the fact that I’ve wanted these FOREVER, is that Cassidy was so proud to give them to me after chipping in her own money.
My new Emeril copper bottom cookware from Cassidy and Ben.

My big present from Ben. YOU GUYS, I have wanted an over the range microwave FOREVER. We have a countertop microwave and it takes up so much room and I hate that something we use MAYBE once a week takes up so much room. It gets installed next Saturday. WOOHOO! Thanks so much, honey! 🙂
My new Prescious.

Cake NOMS!
Birthday cake NOMS.

Got all dressed up for a fancy pants dinner with my mom, Cameron, Ben and Cassidy at Shoadowbrook. It’s one of my top five meals of all time. FOR SERIOUS.

Got pretty for my birthday dinner. :)

Shadowbrook is beautiful.

My champagne and Curaçao and my mom's cosmo.

My extraordinarily handsome husband got dressed up too. <3 Ben and I.

It was a beautiful day. Good food, my awesome family and some pretty amazing gifts.

Hope you all had a good weekend! 🙂

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  1. Awww, it sounds like it was a fabulous birthday! Your gifts are AWESOME… but not as awesome as Ben and Cassidy. <3 Glad you were able to spend your day with so many loved ones. 😀

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