Zoya Sunshine Collection. LOVE IT!

Zoya has had a few REALLY great online deals lately. The first one was three free polishes so having never purchased Zoya before, I got three and have not looked back since then.

Then they had the Go Green sale for St. Patrick’s Day. 3 polishes for $5.00 so I got those and LOVED ALL THREE. I got a ton of compliments on my nails that week.

They are without a doubt the BEST polish I’ve used in a LONG time. The color payoff is amazing, two coats is all I’ve needed in most cases, they last REALLY well on my nails which are generally weak and chip SO EASY but not with Zoya!

Two weeks ago they had a BOGO sale so I got 6 polishes for the price of 3, plus they had $2.00 shipping so it was about $20 for all 6 polishes! I ordered the entire Sunshine collection and they came in the mail today and they are SO CUTE! I can’t wait to try them all out.

Zoya Sunshine collection

LOVE the Sunshine collection from Zoya.  LOVE!

*This is NOT a paid post. 100% my idea, my opinions and I paid for all the products. I just wanted to share because I have been so impressed with them and all my girlfriends should know.

4 thoughts on “Zoya Sunshine Collection. LOVE IT!

  1. I have got to start paying more attention to Zoya, I always seem to miss the great deals. Like I said in Facebook, I love Faye, it’s such a warm summer-y shade, and I usually hate purple.

  2. I thought about taking advantage of the offer but I wasn’t sure about the polishes. I do love the brand though thanks to you!! I took advantage of the freebies you posted about awhile ago and I really love the formula, especially for my fingernails. I will definitely be buying more!

  3. THANK YOU for turning me onto Zoya. I believe I followed the link from your site for their three free polishes promotion and then I also got the green promo and just received my BOGO polishes (4 of the sunshine collection and two from the summertime). I am in love with their polishes! I wore Ivanka for St. Pattie’s Day and got so many compliments. I’ve got Rica on now. I think I’m addicted! 🙂

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