Just in case you didn’t know, today is Thursday.

I spent all day today thinking it was Wednesday. It doesn’t make any sense because I ate my leftover salad from OD’s for breakfast and OD’s isn’t open on Tuesdays so it had to be at LEAST Wednesday yesterday. But sure enough, all day long I did the tasks I usually try and get done on Wednesday. Which also doesn’t make any sense because I just did all that stuff YESTERDAY.

To most people this would seem, like, AIRHEAD ALERT but to me it’s just… a Thursday? I lose stuff ALL THE TIME. I never REALLY know where anything is. Like, I’m 93% certain I know where my car key is right now. I’m 43% certain it’s on the glass table where it SHOULD be but I’m 25% certain it might be on the kitchen table where I set my purse all the time instead of glass table and I’m 25% certain it’s on the dog crate where I often throw things the second I get in the door because CARRYING THINGS IS SO DIFFICULT. SERIOUSLY!

Anyway, it’s Thursday. It has been all day. And I’m 63% certain I’ll spend all day tomorrow thinking it’s Thursday too.

The End.

2 thoughts on “Just in case you didn’t know, today is Thursday.

  1. ha! i lose stuff all the time, and I’m forgetful. I think that’s because I’m always in a hurry. Chris is a list person, he goes down a checklist in his head and gets things done.. me.. i’m too scattered! Working on it though..

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