Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

I really REALLY wanted to write out a nice post about all the fun we had this weekend. The funny conversations, the great food, spending time with Amber who I just love so fucking much I can’t even… there are just no words. I haven’t ever really written a lot about her here and that’s a shame because for a lot of years she’s been such a constant beam of positive light in my life. She isn’t just my ex-mother-in-law, she really is one of my best friends. One of those friendships that time or distance couldn’t ever ruin.

She’s the kind of friend you stand next to for 15 hours straight when she’s giving birth. Because I TOTALLY DID THAT. I was 18 at the time and she was giving birth to Carrielee. I didn’t eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, or TAKE A STEP AWAY FROM THE BED. For 15 hours. Because she was extremely sick, she needed me, and I was there. That kind of friendship.

She’s the kind of friend you call when you have what you think might be a hair-brained idea just to see what a normal person might think and when she tells you that you are out of your fucking mind and maybe come back to reality and pick up a loaf of bread on the way over, you know that it’s being said with love in her heart.

On top of all that she’s just generally a badass. True story.

ANYWAY! Like, I said I REALLY wanted to write out a long post about this weekend but I’m tired, work has been busy and evenings filled with cross country practice and meets and eye appointments and homework and dinner and… I’m TIRED! So look at pictures instead!

We took ALL the kids because we are “those” people that feel guilty for leaving the dogs behind. Dogs should get to vacation too! Cassidy made good use of the drive and watched three Vampire Diaries on her iPod then my laptop. She’s almost caught up!


Danica would like to know ARE WE THERE YET!? And also, could she possibly wipe her nose on the window more? I think she might have missed a spot.

Are we there yet?

We stopped for gas and to let the dogs play in the grass a bit at the half way point and there was a perfect Harvest Moon in the sky. I shot it then took a moment to just clear my mind and enjoy the moon, the dark, the sound of Cassidy giggle as she chased the dogs around. It was nice. Unfortunately, it was at Harris Ranch and smelled a lot like having your head shoved up a cow’s butthole.

Harvest Moon

Kumo was like, WHAT IS THAT SMELL?! And also, I’m totally cute, you should take my picture.

Hi, I'm cute.

And Danica was like, I’m going to lay on this wet grass so I can make the carpet in the car match the window. DIRT IS GOOD. And also, I’m cute so take my picture.

Cooling off.

Here are some pregnant cows at the fair. I mentioned on flickr that I am kind of in love with the pregnant cows. When I was younger I’d go to the fair alone and sit on the bleachers in the blazing sun for HOURS to watch baby cows be born. I’d have done it this time too but Ben and Amber were all STOP BEING WEIRD!

Don’t they look happy?! I imagine having a COW baby in you is not fun. They have FOUR LEGS!

Row of pregnant ladies.

These pigs were totally cute. I always forget how BIG pigs actually are. And okay, I’m just going to admit it, when I sat there and watched the pigs I was actually trying to calculate how much bacon you could get out of one pig. My final conclusion: A LOT.

True love.

When we were in the collection exhibit hall somehow my camera had magically set itself to monochrome and I didn’t realize right away but I loved this picture of Ben and Carrielee. The same Carrilee I watched be born because I stood next to her mom’s bed for 15 hours. WHERE DID THAT BABY GO!?


Ben and I totally made out on this Ferris Wheel. It was kind of funny because Cassidy and Carrielee were in the car behind us so we had to strategically time it so that we weren’t caught by little tween eyes. I felt like I was in high school again and might have swooned a little.

Ferris Wheel

Between kissing we enjoyed the view.

Fair rides!

I made them go back and look at the pregnant cows again. Stop judging me.

Poor pregnant cows.

Sunday right before we pulled out of town we let all dogs play in the lakes at Riverwalk Park.

Playing in the lake at Riverwalk.

In her previous life Danica was a fish.

Danica leaps.

And now I’m actually going to wrap this up and enjoy my Starbucks. We are living pretty tight till Ben can get a job (and not to jinx it but he has a pretty good prospect on the horizon so please cross your fingers for him!) so we’ve gone quite awhile without a Starbucks fix but for my birthday my mom got me a few gift cards and one of them was Starbucks! We had just enough to do a family Starbucks run twice this week and it’s been a nice treat! It’s kind of awesome how much more you appreciate something when it’s a TREAT instead of a nightly habit.


Goodnight, friends!

4 thoughts on “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

  1. What a nice little break. You made out like teenagers trying not to get caught. That’s kind of hot.

    Also, your dogs are cute, but so not allowed in any car I ever own.

  2. Awesome post! So much happy! I love the relationship you have with your MIL (or ex MIL) and it makes me smile sooooo much. I’m glad you have someone like that in your life because you deserve it.

    Your dogs are so adorable. My parent’s golden retriever also was a fish in a previous life, we decided. So cute.

    I would have probably swooned on the ferris wheel too. *giggles*

    I laughed so hard when you calculated the bacon! Haha, you’re too funny, Anna.

    Going back to see the cows would be something I’d do, too.

    Glad you had such a nice trip!! 🙂

  3. Haha.. I admin that shot of the pigs are cute! Usually when I see them at the fair I’m disgusted by them! I dunno, I guess I always manage to catch them pooping. EW. I eat that?! Yet I still order the Pepper garlic pork. And that is adorable, you two making out in the Ferris Wheel!

    Next time take Trini, she’ll sit with you all day long watching cow babies emerge.

  4. Oh dear Anna, how I need all the cows. And the pigs. And we’re the same way. I’m like THE DOGS WANNA VACATION and road tripping is always a tiring but fun adventure. I sort of love your dogs. They sort of need to come play at my house, so that Danica and Emmie can spit all over things and maybe, if you’re lucky, Bailey will butt scoot and leave a poo trail across the carpet like he loves to do RIGHT when there is company and I’m hoping one day, he’ll wipe out a greeting like “WELCOME!” so its a bit more polite.

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