Recently. In a list.

The last two weeks in numbers:

0: Number of days I was at work the week before last.

Ben’s knee surgery didn’t go as well as the previous surgery and has taken quite a bit longer that expected to heal. I took 1 scheduled day and ended up having to take 5 more sick days. Poor guy was a trooper.

1: The number of people in my house that are currently employed.edfa

Ben got laid off last Monday. It was something we had been talking about, there had already been some layoffs and the company wasn’t doing well so there was always that chance hanging over our head. He got a fair severance and is covered under my health insurance so… yeah. He’s been amazingly positive about it because he is an AMAZING MAN.

2: The number of time in almost three weeks I’ve put makeup on.

Seriously. I feel bad for the people in public that had to see me. Sick as hell and tired as all get out. I bet it was hawt.

3.5: The number of days I was at work last week.

I had to pick up Ben on Monday when he got “the news” and then I was worried about him being at home alone. Also, I was fighting off the last of the WORST FLU IN THE HISTORY OF ALL THE WORLDβ„’.

4: The number of meals I’ve cooked at home in the last week.

That’s 4 more than I’ve cooked in the previous.. month. Eating out is our biggest expense and with one income, it makes more sense to eat at home. Also, I’ve rediscovered how much I really love to cook.

5: The number of days Cassidy has left of 5th grade.

She’ll be in JUNIOR HIGH next year. She wants the Alice Cullen haircut. She went to a class about periods including a detailed video of how babies are made two weeks ago.

6: The number of time the dog woke me up from a nap by sticking his 5 inch tongue down my throat.

VIA MY MOUTH. *shudder*

7: The number of complete TV series I’ve downloaded.

So far I’ve watched all of seasons 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl, around 40 episodes. Then I watched True Blood, 12 episodes. Now I’m working on Bones. Currently I’m at work and season 01 episode 15 is playing on the iPhone.

8: The number of bananas my family goes through in two days.

Seriously, what the hell?!

9: The number of time I wanted to throw one or both cats against the wall.

HARD. They are still pissed off about the dog. They sleep in the bedroom all night and then as soon as we get into bed start walking all over us. All night long.

All. Fucking. NIGHT. LONG.

10: The number of times that I thought, “Man I should blog.” Then turned on an episode of Gossip Girl instead.

I’d apologize but it would be a lie.



13 thoughts on “Recently. In a list.

  1. I’ve put on makeup like once in the past 3 months! Whoa, Alice Cullen! That’s short! I wanna see pics when she does it.

  2. Wow, no kidding… I’m glad Ben’s knee is back in working condition but that sucks about his job. I hope he gets back on his feet — in every sense of the word! — soon but it’s really awesome that he’s remained so upbeat.

    And we totally need pics if Cassidy chops off all that hair! It’s a cute hairstyle though so I don’t blame her for wanting it. πŸ˜‰

    PS – I love Bones!!!

  3. Now you have a good idea why we no longer have a cat or dog in our house (the 7 feral cats we feed don’t count because THEY ARE OUTSIDE and don’t disturb our sleep)

  4. I’m sorry to hear that Ben’s knee surgery didn’t go too well. I’ve heard that knee surgery is painful to recover from, ugh. And I hear you on the makeup… I haven’t been wearing much lately either!

    I bet Cassidy would look adorable with the Alice Cullen haircut. I love that style myself! πŸ˜‰ And good luck with junior high. Wow, she’s getting so old!

    Ew @ the dog. Leah doesn’t do that, thank god. She has come to learn that I am not one for doggy kisses.

    Also, TV shows! Whoo! Dan and I are working through Hell’s Kitchen. I need to get this season of True Blood once its over, and I’m thinking about getting all of the CSI seasons (Las Vegas).

    Gossip Girl… I’ve heard good things about it. I really should tune in, huh?

  5. I wear makeup once every 6 months.

    And im with you about blogging, I need to start doing it more often, I will soon I promise.

  6. This entry is awesome. I love how you found a number for everything. Haha. Sorry to hear about Ben being laid off. And I never wear makeup. I’m the natural type. Plus I save money not using it. πŸ˜›

  7. Hi Miss! I completely agree with eating in. When Sean was outsourced and it took him 114 days to find a good replacement position (not that I was counting), I did what I do best.. google useless info on saving! And food is the largest flexible expense a family has each month, so we immediatley went to eating in. Not only are we now eating better but we reduced our food costs dramatically. I take homemade soup for lunch (er… “homemade” being my putting several canned items into a bowl of broth) under a buck a day. Sean eats his lunch out but he spends $2.14 on 2 items off the dollar menu. Then we shop at a farmers market for produce for cheaper (do you have a Sprouts?? I know they’re opening one in CA but not sure what area). Also a lot of local farms sell fresh-from-their-crops produce for CHEAP too, so we have done that. Who knew?! Not this gal from Los Angeles! LOL. We have a really bad berry addiction but that adds up and usually spoils, so we buy frozen. Also, if we do stuff like pasta, I store extra sauce in a tupperware for the next dinner (since we don’t use a full jar each time but never have quiiite enough to do two meals in one jar) and mix it with the next. I know, we sound ghetto, but I swear it’s not bad! And then we use places that are lower cost for vet stuff that is pretty basic, like vaccines, heartworm meds, etc (vaccine clinics, check out Petco’s website). You can even ask vets to write you a prescription for some things that are sold at a humane pharmacy (like we bought Bailey’s antibiotics for $4 at Walmart). Hrm, what else? OH! Heartguard is great, but you can also buy the “generic” form of it called WormSheild for a bit cheaper!

  8. btw, just to provide some more information for those considering meniscal surgery. My surgery went fine. And the recovery is going fine. Last time, I only had one minor tear, so the recovery was the best case. This time, there was a more sever tear, plus a minor tear, plus an incidental finding of trauma (they described it as a divot) to the cartilage. All of those 3 things (vs the 1 last time) are what are making the recovery just a tad bit slower than last time. However, I am happy to report that today, I am hobbling (still would call it hobbling) around w/o the crutch at home, and to be fair, it’s only been 18 days since my surgery (5/22). I was fortunate to have access to an excellent surgeon, team, and facility.

    I think I’m well on my way to a full recovery. I believe last time, it was still 1.5 months (45 days), so, technically, I”m less than halfway to that mark. If anything, I’m acting overconfident (see also: leafblowing last weekend in the backyard). But, in any event, the knee surgery recovery is going very well, and if anyone suffers some damage to their meniscus, I would highly encourage they consider arthoscopic surgery when it is warranted πŸ™‚

  9. Gossip Girl and True Blood are fabulous! I totally vote catching up on them instead of blogging. I cannot wait for their new seasons!

    I’m very sorry to hear about Ben’s most recent troubles. I hope he gets better and finds something else that works out.

  10. I love True Blood. I just discovered it and I haven’t been able to stop watching. I am so excited for season 2 this Sunday.

    8 bananas in 2 days. Wow!! That’s impressive.

  11. Well, at least you can say that you’ve been busy as hell!

    Hope things pick up for you a little bit, not that all that was negative, but you know, It’s a little hard on you.

    Get better soon, Ben! (And you, Anna, with your flu of epic proportions!)

  12. Sorry to hear about your husband’s knee and being laid off! So many people are getting laid off these days its ridiculous but at least you were semi-prepared for it.

    Your 2 times is 2 more times than I’ve work makeup this whole year. Thank God for my olive complexion!

    I know how you feel about the mouth since my dog likes to sneak kisses in and it is so gross! Eww. My cat does the whole walking over me thing at night, too. I guess they think it’s play time or something.

    Ohhhh Gossip Girl, I love it. I so can’t wait for the new season! I will have to check out Bones & True Blood!

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