Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion.

I had mentioned a awhile back that I was working on a project and that as soon as I had some content up, I’d be revealing it…

And then a BUNCH OF STUFF HAPPENED and it got pushed back and back and back, then forgotten, then pushed back, then pretty much flat out ignored and then I was like, OH THAT’S RIGHT, PROJECT!!! So I’ve had some time the last week or so while I was at home with Ben and I tweaked and added then subtracted then put it back again, and more importantly, I’ve started to add that content.

It’s a review site for the many, many things I’ve blown money on and either loved or hated. It’s written from my perspective which is geeky girlyness and will cover everything from makeup, cars, computers, pet products, food, drinks, restaurants, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

So go take a look, read, comment, leave me some feedback. Do you like what you see? What kind of product do you think that you’d like to have reviewed? Let me know what you think!


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