Two weeks, 7400 boxes, 1 big headache.

Have I ever mentioned before how much I hate packing to move? Because I do. More then I can even express in word. Well, I’ll try:

I’d rather clean all the toilets in my house WITH MY TONGUE than pack to move.

I tried to start today and I got about three boxes in before I gave up. I’ve packed three small boxes of books and I’m ready to hire some packers and movers and let them finish it all. I’m going into it with a very different mindset this time though.

See, I’m a complete packrat. I used to be MUCH worse but when Cassidy, Ben and I were all living in the 1000 square foot apartment, I had to get rid of a LOT of stuff. Cassidy and I had an aparement completely furnished and when we moved in with Ben I purged a LOT. I gave a lot away and sold some too. Some of it I left in my moms garage and let her deal with. heh

Now, I’m SO OVER that. This time, I’m purging even more. The new place a much less storage then where we are now and I have no desire to try and find places for all this… STUFF. Awhile back I bought some magazine holders from IKEA and started organizing magazines. One for gossip, one for wedding, one for glamour, one for BMW, one for kids… you get the idea. Today, I tossed away most of them. I didn’t get rid of the car magazines because I’ll let Ben go through them but everything else I tossed without even looking through them.

And I actually have no anxeity about it at all which is pretty odd for me. Before, I’d spend about 20 minutes justifying why I should keep them all. Cassidy can use them for crafts, what if I want to recreate the one decorating idea, or remember who sold those really cute shoes some movie star wore to some event that I’ll never be able to afford.

Not this time though, I hauled them out to the recycle bin and threw them away and with every new trip I did a little vistory dance. And it felt REALLY good. And instead of having to pack 7 boxes, I only ended up having to pack 3. THREE instead of SEVEN!

And I’ll admint, I’ve actually considered selling Cassidy and all her accessories because that alone would save me about 78 boxes.

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