Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year.

Christmas corner.


I know that I’ve been Teh Suck at updating regularly and I could totally lie to you and say it’s because I’ve been SO BUSY with… THINGS! Important things! Things that take important time!

The truth is I just haven’t felt like writing.

But since it was Christmas and all I thought that I should take the time to make some kind of Christmas type post so you don’t all think that I’m some horrible holiday hating Scrooge or something. Because that’s only partially true.

I do love the holiday season. I love the house lights (and really think that they should stay up all year and not just because I hate taking ours down, they are pretty and the neighborhood seems so boring and bland after New Years), and I love cookies (as witnessed by the two pants sizes my ass has expanded in the last month), and I love the music (as long as it’s MY MUSIC and not that crappy mall muzak shit, Kenny G playing Silver Bells with that horn thing he uses puts me in one mood; the mood to sleep). Ben and I just had a rough few months prior to the Christmas season so it was hard for me to get into the mood right away and it didn’t really hit till about a week before The Big Day.

Hannah Montana is the Supreme Ruler of the World.

I think one of the hardest things for me to grasp this year is that this is probably going to be Cassidy’s last “Santa” year. She’s already really skeptical but I could tell that there was still a glimmer of magic in her eye as she asked the questions you expect a kid to start to ask when they are putting the pieces together. Next year she’ll have become one of those precocious 10 year olds that pretends to believe in Santa because she knows she’ll net a bigger profit if Santa is involved. She’ll start to complain about having to take the lights down, and she’ll start rolling her eyes at the Kenny G musak and she’ll see the cookie making as a chore instead of a fun activity and it’s all just kind of depressing.

For the Alliance!

But! I still made the most of it and Christmas day was great and she ripped open 30 presents in 4.7 minutes flat. We now have more Hannah Montana CRAP in the house than I’m comfortable with and I’m pretty sure that I funded the next month of Hannah’s life with said CRAP.

And I wrapped some of Ben’s presents in Alliance wrapping paper. That alone made Christmas day ROCK.

And now the obligatory list of fabulous loot. I’ll keep it to the big and fantastically bad ass things.

  • KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in Red from my mommy. <3
  • Senseo coffee maker also in red from Cassidy.
  • Tickets to see Beauty and the Best in May when it comes to the city from my dad. It will be Cassidy’s first Broadway type play and we are both really excited.
  • A really nice laptop bag from Ben.

And last but certainly not least was DxO from Ben. It deserves to be separate from the bullets because it is THAT bad ass. It’s this really advanced photo correction software that uses all these complex mathematical algorithms to correct photos caused by known “flaws” in camera body and lens combinations. So in layman terms, it make pretty pictures EVEN PRETTIER. They have a free demo if you have a DSLR and want to give it a try.

And now, the look forward to 2008 which will require another obligatory post about the past year and what I expect for the NEXT year and I’m sure that “Rinse, Repeat!” isn’t going to cut it so I’ll be back sooner than you think! But just in case I don’t, have a great New Years Eve everybody! Drink lots, don’t drive and ring in the year with people you love and don’t want to punch in the face if you do get too drunk!


9 thoughts on “Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year.

  1. Ooooh! Great loot! You mentioned the software on my site so I’ll have to give it a shot. I bookmarked it to try the demo out when I get home. I love me some photo software! (Even though Illustrator makes me want to hurt myself.)

    Hopefully she won’t be a Christmas hater when she gets older. You see a lot of pre-teens and teenagers get apathetic about Christmas just because Santa isn’t “real” (LIES!) but the holidays are still fun! Cookie decorating and music and festive ornaments and stuff! But kids will be kids. Just wait until the day when designer labels start popping up on her wish list. 😀

  2. At least you managed to get into the spirit, better late than never right? My mom is in that boat with Santa and everything. No one wanted to do decorations, cookies, anything because us “kids” are 29, 20, 16, and 11. Hannah Montana is awesome, i love her. Maybe I’m just a silly 20 year old though. Your Christmas sounded pretty good though 🙂

  3. @steen: You like Illustrator over Photoshop? I use Illustrator to create little buttons and icons but for photo manipulation I pretty much stick to Photoshop.

    I don’t think she’ll be a Christmas hater. I was just being broody this year because in the past year I’ve been forced to realize that she isn’t my little baby anymore and I want her to stay ignorant and blissful for EVER AND EVER.

    @Amanda: I really love that she has an idol that she can look up to that isn’t 1) pregnant, 2) a coke addict, 3) filled with silicone and Restylane, 4) have naked pictures of herself on the internet… you get the idea!

    Her music isn’t THAT bad. I don’t think she’s the most talented singer in the world but we listen to her in the car (unless Ben is with us) and a few of the songs are fun and absolutely better than the last few songs that Britney has put out.

  4. Im glad that you guys had a great christmas, Mine was great! my bf got me alllllll the clothes i have been wanting for the last 6+ months. and a couple other things i have been wanting and my parents and sister got me everything else i wanted.

  5. It sounds like you had a great Christmas. That photo editor you got sounds great. I might download it and have a go. Its a bit too expensive but I’m sure if I wanted it that much then I could save up.
    I got mainly DVD’s and CD’s. My partner got me two pairs of Vans though which was amazing :D. He also got me Zelda for the DS which I haven’t been off since I opened it on Christmas Eve.

  6. @Traci: Lucky girl! Keep that man around. 😉

    @Katy: So jealous of the Vans. AND the game! Keep that man around, too! :mrgreen:

    The boys all did really well this year.

  7. I’d say Merry Christmas, but I’ll just go with Happy New Year since I suck really bad at internet stuff right now.

    You got cool stuff. If I were technologically blessed I’d want to take it all from you.

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