Kickin’ it old school.

I’m lazy. So here ya go! I’ve a recycled theme I coded in 2005. Look at all of it’s old skoolness. The really close together white font on a black background. Hostees!! (Which I totally don’t have anymore so don’t bother clicking). That silly little stat counter… I still remember sitting in our tiny apartment creating that image. Isn’t in so 2005?! I love it.

Anyway, since I know me and it will be at LEAST a week month before I get something completely coded I’m going to revive some old themes and throw them up for fun in the mean time. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Kickin’ it old school.

  1. I clicked anyway 🙂 I personally think it’s freaking sexy! I love the little ghosts. And the header that says “Happy Halloween ’05,” haha.

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