Like Spring. Only NOT.

Why do I obsessively clean whenever Ben’s parents come to town? I clean for maybe an hour when my dad and Cherie come to visit. Maybe. But I spent the last 4.5 hours scrubbing, dusting, mopping, laundry, windows, ordering Cassidy around (but she loves to help out and begs me for tasks), organizing. It’s ridiculous, really.

I guess it’s because my dad has to love me even though I’m a slob but Ben’s parents can CHOOSE not to love me because there’s a dust bunny in the corner by the bar that I’ve named Stan who I water once a day and has his own college fund. But really, who DOESN’T love me. There’s so much to love. I’m cute like that.

I’m going to go scrub the baseboards with Ben’s toothbrush now.

6 thoughts on “Like Spring. Only NOT.

  1. LOL its ok, when my aunt and uncle come down from bakersfield, I no longer clean for hours i just make sure the extra room is clean and the house is neat. But when my dads other brother decides to come down it will be a clean fest cause he has never seen our house. when my god parents come i am cleaning for litterally 2 days before they come and i never think the house is clean enough. and i used my ex’s tooth brush to clean the toilet… sucks for him cause a couple months later he was at my house and used the same toothbrush to brush his teeth …OOPS im sure ben has more toothbrushes hehe

  2. LOL Ben just buy extras and keep them around, i know when i get in a cleaning mood i sometimes accidently grab my own toothbrush then realize it and have to go grab a new one

  3. HA! I actually volunteered mine about a month ago. I was needing a new one so I gave him mine to use and went and bought a new pack. I try to keep a spare around so if people end up crashing in the guest bedroom they have one.

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