So I guess I’m gonna have to track down Erika and shove her hair down her throat now. Ewww. I’m not even sure if I’ll watch the last episode because I really don’t care at this point who wins it. Well, maybe I will. Hopefully they’ll show DR sessions and Boogie referring to Erika as “Scrubbica is HOmance”. HA! Idiots.

Ben is driving his M3. Hallilujah, his toy is running. Two months, lots of hours and two motors later he was able to take it for a drive last Saturday. Now we just need to get him back to the track. BUT! He’s considering a cam kit before then. Which might not be bad because he’ll need to get a different flywheel meaning I’ll get his UUC and if I can stand the chatter, get a short shift kit and a clutch stop I’d be a happy happy camper.. That can shift like lightening and take corners better than YOU! Okay, that sounded kinda selfish. But still!

Cassidy is going to a movie night at Nathan’s school tomorrow to watch Herbie Fully Loaded. At first I was like, NO DATES ARE YOU CRAZY MAN GET OUT OF MY HOUSE but give me my Capri Sun and chips back first!! Then he mentioned that *swoon* Lindsey Lohan was in that and his eyes glassed over and he turned red and he got lost in outter space somewhere for about a minute and I realized that he’d probably totally ignore Cassidy the entire time. Well, that and he will be with his mom and brother and sister and 500 classmates. Har.

My birthday is in three days so you should probably get the presents in the mail now so they get here in time. :mrgreen:

Sorry for the randomness. Sinus medicine can do that to somebody who is already somewhat mentally unstable. I like pie.

P.S. – I can’t wait to start fragging boys! *drool*

Team Janie

There’s gonna be a big turning point in BB tonight. The only “good” outcome I see right now is Boogie winning HOH and sending Erika packing. That would be awsome. If he wins and keeps Erika, or Erika wins and goes against her word and keeps Boogie I’ll hunt her down and stuff her nappy hair down her throat.


Shut up. All of you.

And you wonder why I’m 95% insane.

Saturday afternoon as we were getting ready to leave the house:

Cassidy: Mom?
Me: MmmHmm
Cassidy: I kinda might have accidentally got gum in my hair.
Me: Wha?
Cassidy: Gum.
Me: How?!
Cassidy: Well, you know in Willy Wonka how Violet sticks the gum…
Me: You stuck gum behind your ear?!
Cassidy: NO!!
Me: Okay? So…
Cassidy: Well, I thought she stuck it to her NECK. So when I got up this morning…
Me: You had GUM stuck to your NECK ALL NIGHT?!
Cassidy: Well, yeah. I had to scrub it off and my hair was stuck to it and look.
*flips hair over head again*
Me: Yes, I see it.
Cassidy: I didn’t know she stuck it behind her ear, I thought she stuck it to her neck.
Me: Gum goes one of two place. IN YOUR MOUTH. IN THE TRASH. Those two places ONLY.
Cassidy: Okay.

Nana cut the gum out later that afternoon. We were already running late and lucky it was UNDER her hair. Silly, silly child.