Team Janie

There’s gonna be a big turning point in BB tonight. The only “good” outcome I see right now is Boogie winning HOH and sending Erika packing. That would be awsome. If he wins and keeps Erika, or Erika wins and goes against her word and keeps Boogie I’ll hunt her down and stuff her nappy hair down her throat.


Shut up. All of you.

1 thought on “Team Janie

  1. UGGG, i cannot believe he sent janelle to the jury house. does boogie not know what mistake he made if he actually wanted to win this thing? if he would have kept janelle he may have actually won this thing, but he kept erica and now he might not win. i dont really like erica. i was actually hoping for will to win again, then janelle. now i just hope boogie wins.

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