Oh what a beautiful day.

Silly girl

Goodness it was a beautiful weekend. It was supposed to get pretty warm here today but it never really did. Cassidy and I walked to the farmers market, then washed my car, then she rollerbladed for a bit and planted even MORE seeds she found. Seriously, if 1/1000th of the seeds she’s planted grow, we are gonna have a small jungle in the front yard next year.

I love the little local farmers market we have about a mile from here. Cassidy had her first taste of shaved ice there about a month ago and now she wakes up every Sunday at what seems like the crack of dawn to remind me, ‘Mom! It’s Sunday and there’s shaved ice at the farmers market!!’

Being very very very careful

We bought some corn, kettle corn for Ben, a flat of strawberries and some of the BEST shortcake I’ve ever tasted before. The secret ingredient is orange extract. We get it every time we go now and the lady always give Cassidy a cookie. So. Good. When we got home I let Cassdiy cut all the strawberries. Before I’d let her cut a FEW but Ben keeps reminding me that I need to start letting her do things herself. I still hovered, but she cut HALF the flat and still has all her fingers!

I’ve taken just over 400 pictures since I got the new camera. Getting used to all the settings and ISO and aperture and depth of field and exposure metering and SO MANY SETTINGS is a little more difficult than I thought it was going to be. But, I’m getting there. I’m starting to realize after just a shot or two what I need to do to make them better. But, it’s still a lot of experimenting and a lot of unused pictures. And a lot of looking at other people’s shot on flickr and checking EXIF data to see what they used in different situations. But, I LOVE the camera. Every time I use it I love it more and more. And even if I just get one picture a day that I think is worth it, I’m happy.

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