To the far left of the far left.

Ben and I have determined the President is gay. In a completely non-heterosexual kind of way.

In other news, as much as I love MSNBC, this article has a completely over the top (and way way way too far to the left) headline:

Bush to stem cell community: Drop dead

President Bush’s embryonic stem cell policy began with lies and has now ended with one.

Bush reserved his first veto as president for one of the only valuable things this do-almost-nothing Congress has managed to actually get done.

With a flourish of a veto pen that has remained dormant no matter how dopey Congress has been, the Senate bill allowing public funding of embryonic stem cell research has been consigned to the legislative trash can.
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An administration that has shown itself over and over again to have trouble telling the truth is now telling Americans in wheelchairs, those with damaged hearts, babies who are diabetic and those left immobile by Parkinsonism not to worry. The president, whose grasp of science left him unable to identify creationism as a fundamentally religious idea, and his trusty sidekick Karl Rove, rarely seen in a white lab coat but who knows something about rats, having been in Washington for some time now, claim to know best which medical research is most likely to benefit diseased Americans in the future.

While the bolded line actually made me spit water with laughter, the entire point of the article was lost to Arthur Caplan, Ph.D.’s leftist diatribe. We lib’s are fighting the good fight, Art. You don’t need to hand them loaded guns!! Not that Fox News is any better when swinging the other way, but sheesh, that even made me wince.

Maybe I just needed something publicly acceptable to whine about…

I feel lately like there’s an invisible force holding my creativity hostage. Like there are 10,000 funny stories and comments and commentary fighting to get out and when I sit to let it out I just… I just sit. I think the problem is that I’ve been throttling what comes out of my mouth and when I feel like I have to do that it starts to effect me in multiple areas of my expressive self. Like here on the blog.

For the first time ever the thought of closing the site to disappear back into obscurity has occurred to me. Open up somewhere else and use an alias where I can be free to speak openly about the things I used to be able to here but can’t anymore because too many people out there don’t have skin thick enough to take me. It’s an internal battle I hate fighting. I have a very short path from brain to mouth. In real life that can get me into trouble. Here in the site however where there are backspace and delete keys I feel like the words that do come out are viewed as more calculated and sharp. Even though they really aren’t.

That path goes against every fiber of my being though. It’s not ME to hide my thoughts or, in this case, my words. I need to find an acceptable balance somehow.

7 thoughts on “To the far left of the far left.

  1. I say say what you want. who cares what others think. there are friends of mine that i want to tell off part of the time cause they jsut dont do anything for them selves. so to vent i go to my LJ only a couple people have the link to that, You and my best friend. so its inthe LJ that i use to really vent, since i cant do it on my xanga or myspace.

  2. As someone who has closed and opened at least 3 different domains so people who couldn’t handle my site wouldn’t be tempted to visit and then yell at me about something I wrote, they’ll find it again and you’ll be back to square one. If I want to write something and think it could offend someone or whatever, then I post it in my livejournal.

  3. I’ll let Anna give the full answer about eating wheat, but from my end? in short? While she may be eating ‘less’ what, I still see her eating wheat. Tthe fact that she’s still eating it don’t help (upset stomache, feeling tired, feeling itchy). But, it’s her stomache, skin, and energy level I suppose. I just need to find a way when she does eat wheat to see the bright side (sigh).

  4. Oh Anna i am going to fight it all the way, the owner is a cheapskate, when i first began working there the ofice manager told me i would be reimbursed for gas for running the office errands every day, and i never was. that was 5 miles a day- and gas is exspensive!

  5. Hey Daughter,

    When I’ve commented on the content on your site you’ve told me that if I can’t stand the heat to get out of the kitchen… I think that may be the right attitude!


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