The letter writer. In the flesh. When I took this picture Cassidy’s head turned 360 degrees and flesh burning acid shot out of her eyes and instantly burned my heart into a tiny pile of ash.

If her powers are that strong at 7.5, by 13 she’ll have long since burned away my soul, too. That could be good though, because that 2.87 seconds of guilt I felt for embarrassing her will be NON EXISTENT by then.



P.S. – She hid that letter REALLY well, I’m still looking. Thinking about sending her to my moms house for the night tomorrow and randsacking her room.

*shut up*

8 thoughts on “Nathan

  1. Good Job Anna! Just remember before you send her to your moms you need to check her bag to make sure she has everything she needs wink wink nudge nudge haha

  2. If she’s using her powers against you, that poor Nathan! While other boyfriends are sleeping on the catch, he’s being tortured by supernatural abilities.

    Oh, and check her books. That’s where I hid my important letters (e.g. – my report card).

  3. And only 9-10 more years of this to live with! Just remember the old adage… What goes around comes around. A parents greatest revenge is in seeing their offspring deal with their own kids!


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