Three Day Weekend.


Friday Cassidy received her classes Superstar Award. She’s been DYING to get this award all year and about two months ago her teacher told her that if she turned in ALL of her homework and improved in math that she would get it. On Monday of last week I asked if she had gotten it and she said that another student had gotten it instead. I was heartbroken for her because her face fell and she was almost in tears when she told me. And a little pissed off at the same time since she HAD turned in all her homework and HAD improved in math so I told her that I’d go in Wednesday to talk to the teacher to see what was up. Before I could even turn my car off after school on Wednesday she came running up screaming I GOT SUPERSTAR I GOT SUPERSTAR I GOT SUPERSTAR. When she got in the car I gave her a big hug and told her how proud I was of her and she read me the letter telling me what time to be there Friday because the parents get to help present the award. She started crying when she read it to me. This award meant THAT MUCH to her.

So my Friday started a off nice and a little early because I left work early to make sure I was there for the award ceremony. They even gave her one of those horrid “My Child is a SUPERSTAR” bumper stickers. We taped it to the inside of the back window of my car. As proud of her as I am, I’m NOT about to stick a bumper sticker on My Precious. heh

Mr & Mrs Graduate.

(Aside – I owe a GIGANTIC ENORMOUS HUGE thank you to Ben for being so understanding about me ditching out on his track day Friday @ Buttonwillow so last second. I really wanted to be there and I PROMISE that I’ll make it up to you. *devilish grin*)

Saturday we went to Chris’s Graduation Fest. All the NorCalBMW crew was there so, of course, it was a fantastic time. I love getting to hang out with my NorCal family. And I REALLY love Jello Shots. A lot. 😀 The kids had a blast, too.

Sunday I was supposed to go out with the NorCal crew to celebrate Jason’s 21st birthday. But I got a raging sinus headache that started late Saturday evening and lasted pretty much till early Monday morning. So much so that I spent most of Sunday in a Benadryl induced coma. Ben planned a really fun evening for him though. Dinner at Gordon Biersch Brewery, Tracy Morgan at The San Jose Improv, then pool at 1st Street Billiards. He seemed to have a really good time. Well, when they stumbled in the door at midnight they were STILL having a really good time. 😉 I really wish that I could have gone but I felt SO BAD. I’m sure that I’ll have plenty more chances to out drink him though so… 😛

Cassidy plants.

Monday I felt SO much better and after having been stuck inside the entire day before I decided to get out in the fresh air a bit so Cassidy and I spent most of the day digging out grape vines and planting and transplanting and making the yards pretty. We planted the Bougainvillea and also got some fun stuff to plant. Tomato’s, green peppers, green beans and strawberries. She’s SO INTO planting and growing right now. Every day after homework we walk around the house and check on all our plants to see how they are doing. We might have to transplant my Mother’s Day gerber daisy. I think it’s getting too much water and not enough sun where it is. I’ll probably stick it in a pot and put in on the back patio.

SO! That was my weekend. Oh yeah, we topped it off last night by going to my new obsession, Aqui. The food there is SO good. Fresh and healthy (Ben had free range turkey meatloaf casserole which had big chunks of vegetarian tamale mixed into a yummy tomato sauce) and JUST SO GOOD.

3 thoughts on “Three Day Weekend.

  1. Well really, it’s all YOUR fault. If you and your sister hadn’t STOLEN all of the Smart Genes in the family there might have been some left for the rest of us!!! 😉

  2. Cousin, I wasn’t making fun of YOU! I meant the cousins (and their kin) to your dad and my mom…

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