Goodbye dear Civic…

You won’t be missed! HA!

So, on May 7th I posted the GTI on craigslist. Two weeks ago I posted it on Autotrader. ONE person came to look at it. ONE. And I was posting it for almost $1000 below KBB. *shrug* So Ben and I talked about it and knowing the Civic would sell faster and wanting to get just ONE car off the insurance (two driver, four cars, lots of wasted insurance money a month) he posted it today on craigslist.

Nine hours and twenty five minutes later and it was being driven away from the house by it’s new owner. We will take the $3700 and put it towards the GTI and only owe $2000 on it. We’ll get that paid off soon and officially have ONE CAR PAYMENT (for Ben’s M3, the title for mine came in the mail today :D)!! YAY!! So, the money I’ve been paying on the GTI every month (payment was a little over $200 but I’ve been paying $250) will be put back into the savings account every month. Actually, I think we talked about putting $300 a month in there.

I’m really glad we got that situated because we were both cutting corners (Ben hasn’t signed up for any more track days and I’ve completely avoided the mall for two weeks 🙁 ) because we didn’t want to end up in a bad situation down the road. So w00t for Civic turnover!! 😀

2 thoughts on “Goodbye dear Civic…

  1. Damn it. I was going to ask you when I got home from Gary’s (today, in time for me to go to work. heh) what you guys were going to do with it, because we’re looking for something that isn’t a bitch on gas (The only good thing about the Seven is that it, at least, takes 87….I think it could run on water with a shot of octane booster. Heh).

    Damn youz guyz. Damn youz to hell!

  2. Sowwy.. 🙁

    I really didn’t think it would sell THAT fast. It had a pretty bad gash on the back quarter panel from a runaway motorcycle that was rusting BADLY.

    I’m sure it won’t be hard to find something there in B-Town!!

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