If I could think of a snappy title it would be here.

I know that I said that as I completed content for the new redesign I’d make it live and update you all. And I totally lied. I have been testing a bunch of really cool new content on a test subdirectory. I just ask all my adoring fans (HAR!) to sit tight and deal with this half done, rather bland looking layout and lack of regular updates while I finish up.

As I started working on content I had the usual thoughts of “I wish I could do this with my site” and “Someday I should do that” and “If only it weren’t so much work I’d totally add something like this”. Well, that time has come. Gone are the days of simply changing the layout around and putting off the content. I need more. And this time when I say overhaul I am pretty serious.

In other news I’ve hit a 10 pound wall. I’ve lost 10 pounds and I haven’t seemed to move on past that point. So last night I really stepped the workout up and set higher goals for myself for the next two weeks in order to knock the wall down. I’m still pretty shocked when I look at the progress I’ve made in my general fitness. A new comparison:

1.96 Miles
341 Calories
32.50 minutes
Level: 8
3.49 Miles(!!)
464 Calories
45 Minutes
Level: 9

I think I could push harder. And I HAVE to start weight training, too. I keep saying I’m going to and it’s really just a confidence thing. It’s a bit scarry to walk over to that part of the gym and start pumping iron around all the ‘fabulous people’. I need to get over that. Arg.

Okay, I guess I’ve wasted enough time. It’s hard to motivate yourself to get anything done when The Boss is out on jury duty for the next 6-7 days. *dances*

And I’ll leave you with an image. This is what happens when a box of pick up sitck and a bored seven year old join forces…


3 thoughts on “If I could think of a snappy title it would be here.

  1. btw, for those of you that cant’ see it, those pick-up-stix are actually installed in Barbie’s hair…

    She can’t remember to clean her room, clean up after herself, …but she has time to do this…


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