I’m not a failure!!!


Today I spent 2 hours in the fabric shop thumbing through pattern books and digging up all the Easy Sew patterns I could find. We walked out with a purse pattern that looked pretty easy and I figured would be a good first project. When I got home I opened up the directions and looked at the pattern and was lost in about .025 seconds.

I let Cassidy pick out the fabric and it was quickly decided that whatever product resulted from said fabric it would be hers because, well… LOOK AT THE FABRIC!

Instead of tackling the purse right away I decided to check out all the different stitches the machine could do and at the same time practiced sewing as straight a line as possible. Some were great. Some looked like maybe Cassidy had done them… after a shot or two. HA!

I decided to look at the purse pattern again and the directions seemed REALLY hard for me to follow. So after I had already cut out all the fabric I decided to take a few remnants and try the pattern in a smaller version first to make sure that the general idea would work. The end result is what you see on the right.

I think it turned out okay! Cassidy quickly proclaimed it a new sleeping bag for her doll and Ben thought it was a good job. So my first project WASN’T a failure. YAY!

15 thoughts on “I’m not a failure!!!

  1. I’ve been hard on Anna lately about not using the word failure on her attempts at sewing that don’t come out great, mainly because when she does it acts as a negative reinforcement.

    Even all of everyones failures help them to ultimatly do something.

    They call it Trial and Error, not Trial and Failure.

    I’m glad that you’re puting that machine to good use!

  2. Cute! I might have to round out the theme and make an avatar out of my current Villian. 🙂

    And how cool that all the regular posters have gotten gravatars!!! YAY! *hugs you all*

  3. That’s awesome! I’m asking for a sewing machine for my birthday. I figure if I get a cheap one and break it I won’t be too hearbroken. Is it easy to break a sewing machine or do you have to literally hit it with a sledgehammer? I’m scared I’ll sew one stitch and it’ll be lights out!

  4. that is too cute. I love it. Good job! I really want to get a new sewing machine and learn for real and make like cool throw pillows for cheap.

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