1) Be able to hold downward facing dog for at least half the time my 55 year old guru can. While breathing. And not passing out.

2) Conquer laundry.

3) Spend more IRL time with online friends. There is no reason for people who laugh so much together to not be together more often… without keyboards involved.

4) Remind Ben at least once a week how much he is appreciated, loved and admired he is. For driving through San Jose traffic EVERY day just so we can have this home. For loving Cassidy like she is his own daughter. And for reminding me every day how wonderful it can feel to be loved by a man who is so passionate about life.

5) Learn to appreciate my co-workers better qualities.

6) Talk to my dad more. Again, without keyboards involved.

7) Get Cassidy into a class of her choice. Ballet, gymnastics, taekwondo, etc.

8) Go on a REAL vacation. The kind where only the adults go. And involve a plane trip. And planning. And hopefully a beach in Hawaii and romantic dinners at sunset.

9) Sew an outfit for Cassidy.

10) Realize that not achieving a resolution is not an absolute failure. Effort is half the battle. And should be commended.

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