Ben and I went to LeMans Karting for a Christmas party tonight for a local performance shop that Ben frequents. It was a blast. My average speed was 41MPH and my best lap time was only .2 seconds behind Ben’s!! Now my arms feel like putty and I’m SO tired.

I had my (hopefully) last ultrasound today. I should hear back from the doctor in the next two days regarding the gallbladder issue. I’m hoping for some encouraging news. Like they know what the hell the problem is and how to fix it.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. Need sleep. Body shutting down…

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  1. Hey Anna 🙂 Just came across here and thought I’d say hello! Your site’s so cute (as is your daughter!!) and I love yalls house! So much character! 🙂 I’ll definitely stop by and visit again!

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