What better way is there to spend a Thursday night than decorating sugar cookies? None. And I’ll tell you why. YOU GET TO EAT THEM WHEN YOU’RE DONE!!

I have like 5 half written blog posts saved as drafts that I want to post but for some reason my creative juices have dried up. You’d THINK I’d be posting all day long at work because my boss has been out sick for two days and I’ve been trying like hell to take advantage of that and do as little work as possible. Unfortunately every time I get up from my desk I come back with two people who need to talk or piles and piles of paperwork I can’t avoid.

Survivor is on! And Cassidy is calling me to watch it so off I go. ‘Night all. 🙂

1 thought on “Coooooookies.

  1. Those look yummy and that banana lumpia above looks yummy too, damn im sick and all i want to do is eat im so hungry

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